Pass The Ketchup!


I may be eating my words here in about 3 weeks.. I wrote an article  back in mid September.. and I said I did not see the Patriots going undefeated this season.. Now before I say anymore.. let me make it perfectly clear.. I do accept the fact that they have played all season long like a well oiled machine.. minus two games.. Philadelphia, and Baltimore.. and I am of the opinion the refs helped them continue that game winning drive in Baltimore last Monday night.. I accept the fact that the duo of Brady/Moss is the best duo the league has seen since Montana/Rice.. Far more explosive to watch then Manning/Harrison.. I accept they have one of the smartest coaches to ever stand on the sideline.. A pompous ass, but still one of the smartest coaches in the game. Having said all this.. I still can not find myself supporting this attempt at sports history! Sadly enough.. our last line of defense against history.. was shredded like old newspaper Sunday.. being the Steelers..

Lets examine the final three games on the Patriots Schedule..

12/16 Jets @ Patriots.. Now as great as the Jets win would be.. considering this is the whole start of the “spygate” scandal. Not gonna happen! The Jets have zero chance in this game.. with a rookie QB.. Coles questionable.. once again.. that ship is taking on water fast.. Not gonna happen!

12/23 Dolphins @ Patriots.. How great would it be for the Dolphins to be the team to hand the Patriots their first lost.. having beat the most dominate team in football this season.. and preserving the 72 Dolphins undefeated season.. I would’nt know.. because that ain’t happenin either! We have a better chance of going one Sunday without seeing a Peyton Manning commercial, then the Dolphins beating the Patriots.. Oh how I would love to see that! Course I’d love a few million dollars to fall out of the sky into my lap.. that ain’t happenin either!

12/29 Patriots @ Giants.. Eli, your our only hope! If Eli is our only hope.. we are screwed! The Giants are not playing good football right now.. The defense might be able to go a couple of rounds with this high octane Patriots offense.. but in the end.. the Giants offense can’t step up and deliver..

Well I guess that’s it.. I wave the white flag.. Patriots go 16-0.. I honestly do not see any of the above mentioned teams beating the Patriots.. They will all fall victim and be left in the wake of the Patriots.. Well Bill, your us against the world attitude.. has paid off..


4 Responses

  1. The Fins have done it before. When it looked like the Bears were going to be undefeated in 85, the Fins beat em 38-24 handing them their only loss of the season.

    GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!

  2. I do believe that the 85 dolphins were a much better team then the 07 dolphins.. Id have to go back and check.. not 100% sure of that.. Ill get back to you! lol

  3. How funny would it be if Miami would win and it be the only game in their win column for the season?

    Actually, Miami may stand a chance of slowing down the New England passing game, but I do not believe they have what it takes to beat them.

    Normally, I would say the New York Giants would not stand a chance, but there is also the possibility that New England may take it easy that week since they will have already secured home field advantage through the playoffs…just maybe.

  4. The way Bill has been running up the score.. I dont see them taking it easy on anyone.. despite having home field advantage..

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