Tejada Heads South


Miguel Tejada  finds himself heading down south to Houston.. The Astros and Orioles work out a trade sending Tejada to Houston, for 5 players? Wow! Is Tejada worth 5 players, with his declining numbers? I guess the Astros seem to think so.. I called the authority on Astros baseball.. that being Lajitas.. He was none to thrilled to hear about this.. and gave me some insight on some of the players involved in this trade..

Troy Patton.. Left handed pitcher that has great potential..

Matt Albert.. Right handed pitcher that also shows great potential.. solid 4th starter in any rotation..

Luke Scott.. Was described as about an average player.. nothing really all that special about him..

Lajitas was reading the Houston Chronicle while we were on the phone.. and I can not repeat some of the words used to describe the feelings for this next discovery of the trade..

Adam Everett who has been playing Short Stop was told he would not be back with the club next season.. Apparently they are going to put Tejada in his spot.. and Everett now finds himself without a team.. I’m sure someone will pick him up.. While his bat is not all that hot.. batting somewhere around 200.. His glove is what will make him an attractive free agent.. Everett is usually good for 2 webgems on Baseball tonight per week.. during the season.. Lajitas was reading me some off the comments on the Chronicles blog.. The fans of Houston are not real thrilled with this trade..

Why the Astros did not wait until after the Mitchell report comes out on Thursday, Ill never know.. because I’m willing to bet Tejada’s name is in there somewhere.. if you remember, he has been implicated in the steriod talks over the last few seasons.. Also Tejada’s numbers have been on the decline for the last few seasons.. If your the Astros, and Tejadas name is in the Mitchell Report.. what do you do?


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  1. His name will be in there…and this trade is awful for the Astros. Yes he will help generate offense after serving however many days he is suspended, but your starting rotation is still Oswalt, and 4 guys who suck. McClane seems to think making a ridiculous move like this will put his team over the top, but they are right now the 5th best team in their division. McClane needs to realize it is time to rebuild, and giving up prospects for a declining Tejada, and grossly overpaying that lardass, DH masquerading as a LF is only going to delay that process. Neither the Cubs nor the Brewers need worry about the Astros, unless of course the other is playing them, because the one who isn’t will have to keep pace

  2. You know…the more I think about this trade.. It just floors me.. I agree Sean.. its time to rebuild there.. and this was a stupid trade! As far as the suspension.. last I heard its 15 whole days if your name is in the report! Wow a 15 day slap on the wrist with some lost in pay.. Well when your getting ya know upwards of 12 million dollars a year.. hey the fine will be pocket change!

  3. Two years in a row now the Astros have given up a top pitching prospect for a player who has seen his best days. Last year we gave up Willie Tavaras and Jason Hirsh for Jason Jennings. Jennings was damaged goods when they got him, and sure enough, after wowing us with a 9.73 ERA, went on the DL with an elbow or shoulder problem. Now we trade for a 32 year old, declining short stop. Yes, he has more power than Everett, but can’t carry Everett’s jock strap defensively. And Troy Patton is a young (only 21 or 22 year old) left handed pitcher who has dominated every level of the game since high school. He would have been the number two or three pitcher here. I couldn’t even find Jennings on their roster when I looked while ago. Bonus!! Matt Albers was not a great pitcher, but was solid. The third baseman they gave up was supossed to be the next long term solution at third for them. Slick fielder with power. Something they really haven’t had since Vinny Castillo. Going back to Everett, he was one classy player. And that’s something the Astros have always taken pride in. They had a team that had class. Yes, Caminiti fell off into the steroid haze, but most of that was with San Diego. And we’ll know tomorrow about Tejada. But Adam was always a straight up guy, who tried to help the younger guys. And as Jason said, he was always good for a web gem or two. I’ll miss seeing him play. He’s the one I can’t figure why the Astros would allow to slip away with no compensation. He won’t be unemployed long. This new GM we have here has really turned a lot of fans off with this trade. McClane best be prepared for the backlash. The trade could be called the “Hoover Move”, because it definetly sucks!

  4. this will go down as a historically bad trade for houston.

  5. dont hate on the astros just because rangers suck 😛

  6. @ Frank..

    No one is hating on the Astors.. this was a very bad trade.. especially now that Tejadas name is in the Mitchell Report.. Tejada is not the missing peice that the Astros need to make a run next season.. And they really hurt their bullpen in this trade..

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