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I wrote an article this morning about the Mitchell Report.. and Phi.. AKA Technical Supports comment was to good not to published! Way to go Phil!

I am going to have to agree with the “what will be done?” interpretation of this. Sure, there might be a little tarnish on some reputations, but I am sure it is nothing that a few $100k can make the players believe it is worth it.

I have people give me a hard time because I enjoy watching cycling, one sport which has been slammed for steroid abuse on the international stage. The main reason cycling has received such a beating is because they are working to discourage steroid use. For first time offenders, there is a 2 year suspension. For a second time offense, there is a lifetime ban. It is enough that a cyclist’s team will fire them before any official punishment can be administered.

Now, imagine if this was the case with MLB, or any of the sports in the United States. We have this list of 60-80 names coming out. There will likely be some big names on this list. Imagine if all of the sudden these players were banned from playing on any team for 2 years. This includes the cancellation of their contracts. Yes, in 2 years they get to come back, but they will be performing nowhere near their previous ability. First, they will be out of practice. I do not care who you are, but having time away from the sport, even with individual training, you will not be able to jump right back in.

Second, they will no longer be using steroids. Any performance enhancement previously received will be gone. That being said, what temptation will there be to use steroids again? If they are caught a second time, they have no option of going back. They will not be bringing in the same money they were before, and who is to say how well they will be able to keep up with the rest of the players. Basically, they will be given the threat of a ruined career instead of just a suspension for a few games and a fine.

I never see this happening, though. So many players in any sport are celebrated as individuals for their performance. The better the performance, the more money they bring in as well as their team and the governing body (i.e. MLB). Do you think these organizations are going to sacrifice that much potential inflow of cash, especially if people are just going to forget about what happened a month later? Just to comment on this, how many people still think about MLB players testifying as part of a congressional subpoena, and who call name any of the players who testified without having to google it?

You can come out with as many lists and run as many investigations as you like, but until there are consequences to go along with breaking the rule, nothing will change. In order for this to happen, there will likely be some sacrifice required, largely financial. Now tell me, do you expect any organization or individual in this country to make a large financial sacrifice for the betterment of a sport if it does not provide them with some sort of benefit in the end? The one thing that will have to happen to create the benefit is for people to stop attending events or buying sports goods threatening profits, and as said before, people forget about this sort of thing after several weeks. That being said, what is the likelyhood of anything of this to happen?

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  1. You’re 100% correct in the statement that a financial penalty is the only way to get the attention of these clowns. The players should get nailed, as should the owners. And Donald Fehr should get gone, period. They’ve been dancing around this issue way too long. The owners ignored it, perhaps even condoned it, and the union was so worried about rights of privacy, that no one looked to see what was happening to the game and all it’s past glory. Baseball was once truly the all american game, but today is the all american shame. There should be a special wing added to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, titled the Steriods Hall of Shame. Man, what a collection of “greats” it would have. The Black Sox ain’t got squat on this bunch!

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