And So It Begins


Roger Clemens has released a statement in regards to the Mitchell Report.. I will not be posting something each time a player comes forth and says “Hey I didn’t do anything”, but I take a personal interest in this.. as I stated in my post this morning.. The Rocket is a childhood hero.. along with Nolan Ryan.. Here is what Roger, and his lawyer have to say..


5 Responses

  1. At the risk of sounding like a person that is out of touch…

    This report is useless. It makes an accusation that can not be defended by the named accused, for that reason alone I take it with a grain of salt.
    If these guys were going to court they would be innocent until proven guilty, so while we might believe these guys “juiced” they deserve their day to defend these accusations.

    The damage has been done to their reputations, and their careers. The records they set, and any accomplishments they have had are tarnished.

    I look at it like an accusation of Rape, if a woman says a man raped her, and he is found innocent, there is NOTHING that can repair the damage done to the mans reputation.

    There may be substantial evidence, but there has only been one side heard from…. be patient.

  2. Well said Robert.. I think its easier to believe that Barry Bonds has used steroids because there are facts there to prove that theory..

    1. Look at him! lol
    2. The human skull stops growing in your 20’s, Bonds has gone up 3 helmet sizes over the years..

    Its really sad that fans can not enjoy watching sports any more without wondering if the athelete is O Natural! I love football, but man I tell you.. I wonder just how many players on that feild are roided up.. and have not gotten caught yet..

  3. How about shutting baseball down for a year? Congress should tell them to take a year off, and clean up your sport. Come back with a strict drug policy, perhaps maditory monthly testing of every player in the game for a year, and just flat start over. If they don’t, start taking away some of their anti-trust protections. Then tell the other sports, you’re next! Let’s get everyone in their natural physical state, and see who really is better. And let’s don’t forget the front office works as well. A drug free environment for all employees. Will it happen? Hell no, but it’s what needs to.

  4. Here is one problem with you theory Dad..

    Your going to stick it to the fans by doing this.. The NHL still have not fully recovered from the lockout a few years ago.. Granted its not the same circumstances.. but you still taking the sport away from the fans for a year.. and expecting them to be there when they get Baseball cleaned up.. Its not the fans fault that athletes make poor decisions, and decide to cheat to either pad their stats, or break records..

    Just my opinion!

  5. When the football players struck, we found ways to be entertained on Sunday afternoon. I’m sure we could for baseball.

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