The New Jersey Con-man


With the Cowboys off to their best season in franchise history, clinching the division in thrilling fashion last week in Detroit, and playoff bound.. Bill Parcells name has come up alot over this season.. How much credit should he get for the way the Cowboys are playing this season? Absolutely None! The proper question to be asking is.. “How much credit should Parcells get for putting this Cowboys team together”?  The answer.. Every single bit of credit!


Keyshawn Johnson, now a ESPN analyst has made comments against Terrell Owens  for not giving Bill Parcells enough credit in the season they are having.. Keep in mind Keyshawn has played under Parcells for 2 different teams in the NFL.. being the Jets, and the Cowboys.. Keyshawn is a “Parcells Guy” and is partially right in some of his comments. Keyshawn might want to hold off on criticizing Owens to much.. Johnson has been known to throw a temper tantrum on the sideline, get in players and coaches faces, and just be a royal pain in the ass.. Owen said it best when he said.. “You had to check the roster to know Johnson was on a Superbowl team” being Tampa Bay, the year Gruden rode Tony Dungys work into the Superbowl.


Terrell Owens, never shy to speak his mind says that he was not used utilized enough last season… Which translates to me “Bill didn’t stroke my ego enough” Parcells and Owens never got along, and I dont honestly believe that Parcells was on board with that signing… I think in this case.. Owens is a “Jones Guy”.  I think the reason that Owens has been the “Model Citizen” this season has to do with the fact that Wade came in here and not only addressed him by name.. but also stroking his ego by saying that he was going to be a big part of the offense this season. Owen has also said this is the same team we had last year.. You would be correct.. so how can you not give Parcells his credit? Its not all Wade, or Garrett.. Its a combination of things…Owens feels Wade should be given more credit then he actually deserves..

Lets give credit where credit is due.. 1st and foremost Bill Parcells.. For putting this team together.. Parcells brought in the likes of DeMarcus Ware, Terrence Newman, and Marion Barber.. Parcells has take 4 diffrent teams from absolute garbage, to playoff, or Superbowl winning teams..  2nd.. Jason Garrett.. This offense is down right scary now.. While I do not support the method in which Garrett was hired..  no one can deny they love the outcome.. well unless your a defense trying to stop the Cowboys.. I have said from the beginning of the season.. IF the Cowboys make it to the Superbowl, and even win the Superbowl.. Jerry Jones, and the rest of this team better acknowledge Bill Parcells.. Parcells may not have been able to lead this team to the promise land.. but he did build the team that you see today!


11 Responses

  1. Seriously? You expect them to give any credit to Parcells? I agree that Parcells is the one who put together the team (though, if you ask Jerry, I am sure he will say he did it himself), and I really wish Bill had more success here as coach.

    Unfortunately, I believe that when they talk about the success of the Cowboys team this year, mention of Parcells will be restrained to “the coach that just could not pull it off”. I am very disappointed by this. Parcells has had a great history as a coach, always taking his team to a championship until now. I wish he could have finished his career in that manner.

    I am a Cowboys fan, and I am glad to see them doing so well. I just wish it did not occur in a manner such as this where there would be a debate on where credit would be due.

  2. Barry Switzer won a Superbowl with Jimmy Johnsons team
    John Gruden won a Superbowl with Tony Dungys team

    and now.. Wade is winning with Parcells team..

  3. yup, I am aware of those, and out of those, I believe on Jimmy Johnson won a superbowl with his team prior, so he is probably the only one who will receive any sort of credit. Dungy’s credit will come from his recent superbowl win, not for putting a team together which he did not win a championship with.

  4. I don’t particularly care for either Keyshawn or T.O., so giving them any airtime at all rankles me. But unless I missed something, Keyshawn didn’t say anything directly about T.O. Did I not see the whole statement? My take from it was exactly what you said, will someone give credit to Parcells for the team he put together? T.O. has been quiet this year, and almost had me fooled into thinking he grew up, and really understood the team concept. But when he starts spouting off about Wade Phillips using him as a playmaker, whereas he felt Parcells didn’t, it shows me that it’s still all about T.O. He didn’t need to say a word, but he had to get back in the high life again. Hey, T.O., your team is possibly heading to a Super Bowl. Don’t upset the apple cart now with some tired BS to get your mug back on ESPN. Just keep playing the team game and shut the hell up. Go do some pushups somewhere, but be sure to call the press first!! And Keyshawn, you and some of the other idiots who these networks employ to give commentary are the very reason I don’t watch the pregame BS, and not much of what is said when they regurgitate Sunday’s games for hours on end on ESPN. Go get a real job, moron!

  5. Keyshawn’s comments were based on T.O. not giving Parcells credit in the media.. Well that aint gonna happen.. I think you might be alittle off when you said that T.O. fooled you.. For the most part T.O. has not really said alot this year.. even when provoked.. Example.. The Patriots game.. Everyone was looking for him to bash Randy Moss.. and he kept it quiet.. Im not supporting T.O. and Im waiting for the wheels to fall off with him.. but I really think he has figured out a couple of things.. #1 and most importantly.. This is his last stop.. He was labeled as a problem child, and Jerry Jones gave him a chance..

  6. Jason, I’ve told you my feelings about TO in emails, and for me to air all my problems with the turd in your comment section would take hours.

    Parcells is a great coach, he is a throwback coach and the soft, “ME ME” guys don’t fit in with the team environment he coaches.

    The Patriots are 13-0 this year because EVERYONE on that team is playing like a TEAM, the minute Moss, or any other player decides they aren’t getting enough ball time… chaos ensues, and winning is much more difficult.

    Dallas is playing team ball now as well, but what I’d like to see is TO not get any balls thrown to him for a whole game and see how he reacts….did he change? or is it that Romo is better in his progressions and decision making?

  7. I completely agree Robert.. Parcells is a old school hard ass coach that has no time for soft players.. he was not interested in giving T.O. a hug and telling him it will be ok.. Parcells was more.. get your ass out and play first.. be a pre-madonna on your own time!

    I dont think T.O. will ever go a complete game without having a ball thrown at him.. now there have been a couple of games this season where he went a half with no passes.. and he did seem miffed abit.. Romo as made it more then clear in his post game press confrences.. he gets the ball to whoever is open.. Romo is not going to force a pass, and risk a turn over to get an ego the ball.. Which for a young QB to come out and say that.. Shows the entire offense who is running the show on the field!

    As far as Moss.. Moss is just like T.O. and I agree with you.. the minute someone on that offense feels they arent getting the ball enough.. the wheels could come off on that thing up there in New England.. If Bill allows it!

  8. Who deserves the most credit for last year’s bears or saints teams? fighting over who deserves more regular season success… it doesn’t (and won’t) matter without a championship.

  9. Lovie Smith.. because he rode it out with Rex.. and Sean Payton for the Saints 😉 but I understand your point sir 🙂

  10. Bill is a con man and old school. But not in a good way.

    His best record in Dallas was his first year.. So I guess you would say that “Dave Campo” should get the credit for that team?

    Bill lucked onto Tony Romo. (He was 24 hours from being cut two years ago.)

    He can’t coach anymore. He can evaluate talent but just can’t coach anymore.

    He gets credit for the talent but not the 12-2 team. He could not coach them to that record.

  11. @ Todd..

    I agree this team would not be 12-2 with Bill coaching it.. made that point in my article.. BTW here in Dallas.. Dave Campo gets credit for nothing! 😉

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