Pettitte Releases Statement


Days after the Mitchell Report comes out.. Andy Pettitte has released a statement.. Hopefully more players that are on this list will do the right thing, and come clean if they have used HGH or steroids in the past for any reason..  After reading Pettittes article.. I believe that he was trying to recover from an injury, and not trying to gain an edge..


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  1. still one of my favorite players.
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  2. Yes, he was trying to recover from an injury, but the way he made it sound in his statement leads me to believe he didn’t do it through a presciption, which means he took it illegally. He even stated that what he did was wrong. I liked him a lot until he went back to the Yankees the way he did (no, it’s not about the money – right!), but if you do something that is done illegally to gain an edge, you’re still just as guilty. Think about the message that sends to young players everywhere. Oh, I was trying to recover more quickly, so I played like it was okay. He knew better. Now his reputation is tarnished like the rest. Admitting quilt may cleanse the soul, but it won’t erase the memory.

  3. I agree, the way it sounded was he took it illegally.. And yes his reputation is tarnished.. but it is nice to see him release a statement about it.. And I also think fans will be less likely to hold it against him for as long as they would if he would have denied it, or tried to ignore it.. In cases like this.. timing is everything.. Had he waited for weeks or months.. People might have been less likely to believe his statement..

  4. Perhaps even better timing would have been before the report came out. Take the initiative and come clean to take some of the sting out of the slap in every one of his fans’ faces. Just let them know it’s coming, and why. Might have gained even more from that.

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