Wait For The Dvd


I along with millions of other people in America poured into theaters to see I Am Legend last night. Let me start out by saying this is yet another book that was not translated to the big screen very well, and that is truly a shame because the book is great. While I do think Will Smith is a talented actor, and normally enjoy his movies.. He is not Tom Hanks, and can not carry  three quarters of a movie by himself. If your going to include minimum input from the book, then Hollywood should have just left this one alone. Points from the book that were translated.. There was a virus, the name of the main character.. and there were creatures trying to kill said main character.. The rest.. is pretty much Hollywood.. I do not feel that the director portrayed the daily psychological and emotional distress that Robert Neville went thru in the book very well. All and all.. If your like me, and go out and see movies despite the reviews it gets… Please go see it during the day, when you can get a matinee price.. Course even then, you could still leave the theater wanting a refund..


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