Another Cowboys Update

0_61_owens_terrell.jpg “I dropped yet another pass that hit me right in the hands” *Shakes Head*

Eagles 7 Cowboys 6


7 Responses

  1. He doesn’t have “Gene Kruppa” disease, does he?

  2. I’m REALLY doing a snoopy dance now!!!!!! This is going down to the wire folks!!!!

  3. Sorry about your team Jason, but I can’t say I’m upset TO didn’t do well…..

    Maybe if Romo leaves Jessica at home he’ll do better, she’s like all the other women in stars lives… beautiful, and a liability to their success (for the honeymoon period anyway)

  4. I just want him to catch the ones he is paid $8 million a year to catch.. those being the ones that hit him right in the hands! I agree Romo needs to leave the arm charms at home.. Worst home game of the season last year.. Carrie Underwood was up in a box while they were an item..


    richie rich

  6. oops..wrong blog….ANYWAY…there is the t.o.d. ownes that I know and love dropped passes and yelling at his team for not throwing at him..haha!

  7. […] Romo plays like crap when he brings his girl friend to the game………. Heh. (Robert and Ick spilled that one.) This entry is filed under Winter Sucks, The Race, The Pack, Blogging. You can […]

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