Cowboy’s Monday Hangover


Ok attention all Sports broadcast teams.. We know that Tony Romo’s flavor of the week is Jessica Simpson, so we do not need you to do the following..

A. Talk about her more then you actually comment on the game..

B. Have your camera man zoom into the box she is sitting in every 20 minutes.. or when Romo makes a mistake.. She is a very DINGY blonde that probably does not understand what the hell is going on down on the field.. I could only imagine the questions she was asking yesterday.. like “Why are they throwing that ball around” You get the idea..

Signed  A football fan that found himself trying to figure out if he was watching a football game, or Access Hollywood!

Now on to the game itself!!


What a absolute P.O.S game for the Cowboys.. There were very few bright points during this game for the Cowboys.. T.O. was T.O. dropping passes that hit him in the hands, Julius was average.. Roy is a complete waste of space yet again.. and now finds himself wondering if a fine is the least of his problems after yet another “horsecollar” tackle. He has already been fined alittle over $27,000 this year for the same thing.. The league warned him of a possible suspension for the next incident. Hey Roger, do us a favor.. suspend him!

Demarcus Ware must have been fired up after being fined $10,500 for his hit on Kitna last week.. because he was sharing McNabbs jersey for most of the game. Witten was dependable as usual.. The Cowboys were in the drivers seat for homefield advantage.. I guess that was to much to ask for.. If your going to “phone in” a game.. why down the stretch? I’m not ready to hit the panic button just yet.. but I tell you what.. I am not a fan of the thought of playing in Green Bay come playoff time… I don’t think this team could handle the elements up there.. Plus.. Brett Favre along with the rest of the Packers are God like in January at home!

Wade, and Jason better figure it out pretty quick.. If not.. the last 2 games on the schedule are VERY losable with the play I saw yesterday! This Cowboys team better pull it together.. Im sure the season has been a grind on them.. both mentally and physically.. but please pull it together, before Dallas fans start comparing you to the Mavs.. You know have a really great regular season, and fade away come playoff time..

*SideNote* T.O. was asked if the teams confidence was shaken after this loss? He replied with there is no lack of confidence in the locker room.. Hey I might believe that if you could actually catch the ones your supposed to! I’m not saying I could get out there and do it better, but damn.. this is what your getting paid millions of dollars to do.. Also be glad I’m not a teammate, because if you were on the sideline yelling at me, and bitching about not getting the ball I would remind you of all the balls you drop, then I would punch you in the mouth for yelling at me! Now that would make for some great reality TV 😉

*LATE BREAKING NEWS* Roy Williams has been suspened for 1 game for his horsecollar tackle yesterday…


6 Responses

  1. Hmmmmmm….someone check the lug nuts on T.O.’s ride. I thing the wheels are about to come off!!

  2. Once again, as much you would like to see that.. lets not get ahead of ourselves! Let us see how T.O. reacts to the loss!

  3. This just in on the Yoko Romo saga… once again, i hate getting information on this US Weekly bullshit, so this makes me a hypocrite in distributing the same information… BUT it looks like there may be some whore-less football broadcasts in the future… good news must be shared even if on bad subjects.

  4. *golf clap* LD brings it to the people, even on a subject that makes his stomach turn! 🙂

  5. […] twice!  Thank you Emmett.. Not only for including  “Show Me The Money“, and “Cowboy’s Monday Hangover” but for taking the time to put together such an in depth […]

  6. […] 99. Trouble in Dallas? The Cowboys were rolling along until Tony Romo started dating Jessica Simpson. Then T.O. got involved, and everyone was literally blaming the loss on Jessica. I don’t remember her throwing the slant very well…everyone is probably right. (via Icks Corner) […]

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