11 Cowboys Heading To “Worthless Bowl”


Seems 11 Cowboys are getting free trips to Hawaii this year.. That’s right folks.. The Pro Bowl list came out today.. or as we like to call it.. The Worthless Bowl.. I find the mini games and position games more entertaining to watch, then the actual Pro Bowl.. Your Cowboys selected are as followed..

Tony Romo – “As a back-up to none other then Brett Favre” Snoopy dance time Silent E??

Jason Witten – Well deserved

T.O.D Owens – From a stats point of view.. also well deserved

Flozell “False Start” Adams –  “False start #76, 5 yard penalty.. still 1st down” Hey he keeps Romo upright.. so we have to accept the false start penalties

Leonard Davis – Former Cardinal bust.. turned productive player! also former Long Horn great 🙂

Andre Gurode – Well deserved

DeMarcus Ware – Definitely well deserved!

Nick Folk – Had my vote after the Buffalo game, also first Cowboys rookie since 1990 to make the NFC squad

Marion Barber – I voted for you sir!

Ken Hamlin – Having a pretty good year…

And last but not least.. Its about f**king time

Terrence Newman – Has been passed over for the last few years, while Roy Williams goes whether he deserves to or not! Its about time the voters got it right!! Granted he missed several games this year.. This is payback for the last 2 years where T-New was the man!


2 Responses

  1. hell yeah 11 boys…… and for your enjoyment…the best cover of the Europe’s “The Final Countdown”

  2. Look for Brett to take a pass on the Needless Injury Bowl. It’s definitely an honor to be chosen but to play is a different thing. Give the chosen ones and their families a free trip to Hawaii so nobody gets a career ending injury……. Hopefully Tony will take a pass as well. Nice job on the 11 from Dallas.

    Al Harris made it but I’m not sure why after TO made him look like a Pop Warner third stringer….

    Driver… Good Choice

    Kampman….Excellent choice.

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