Parcells sighting…

Atlanta, and Miami are wanting to kick the tuna tires… not as a coach though… as a vice president.

As a person living in Dallas, I can say he is a rather polarizing figure. People here are split on his personel choices and his coaching ability. For the sake of this conversation I’ll leave the coaching out of this.

Parcells draft record could best be described as disappointingly great. Parcells passed on Steven Jackson after his 1st season, opting for the average Julius Jones and bust-a-licious Marcus Spears. His titanic draft failure was the offensive line investments with on Stephen Petermen and Jacob Rogers. Aside from these draft mistakes, Parcells record was extremely solid. Blue chippers Marion Barber, Tony Romo (undrafted, yes, but youth talent acquisition), Jason Witten, Terrance Newman, and Demarcus Ware headline his stocking of the impact positions. What really makes Parcells drafts were the day 2 picks. This Cowboys roster is loaded with depth acquired from late round picks.

While the draft record is still being debated, Parcells coaching choices are best described as masterful. While his most notably is his success with Sean Payton, his work with Tony Sparano Maurice Carthon, Gary Gibbs, and his surprising success with Mike Zimmer (a 4-3 guy by trade) shouldn’t be forgotten. After a couple seasons of Bill Parcells fighting with Larry Lacewell, the Cowboys hired Jeff Ireland as head scout. In the few seasons he’s been with the Cowboys are indicating he could be one of the top 5 in the league.

So yeah, I’m a Parcells fan and would highly recommend him to either Atlanta or Miami. Miami is an abortion of a franchise. The drafts over the past 8 years has been historically bad. In fact, its so bad the historic franchise is up for sale. Of the 6 impact positions, only 1 is filled, and Jason Taylor is getting old. Miami desperately needs a football guy like Parcells, but does Parcells need this mess when…

Atlanta is offering him the same position… Atlanta has been a solid team with average talent depth. The owner Arthur Blank is loyal to a fault. The drafts have been slightly below average, but far better than Miami’s. In all honesty, the Falcons aren’t that bad, but building around Mike Vick was most certainly a mistake… a mistake corrected this year. Now, clear the Vick salary from the cap, they get a top 5 pick in the draft (qb much?), add in 2 additional early 2nd round picks aquired from the Schabb deal, a weak division, and you have a team with the ability to get better quick. If Atlanta can hit on a franchise qb this team can contend in 2 years… not a bad gig if you ask me.

EDIT/UPDATE: Parcells has turned down the Atlanta job… guess Miami’s weather and money is too much to turn down… of course he hasn’t committed to them either…


4 Responses

  1. *image of the day award*
    Another solid post LD… Dont forget Atlanta needs 1 good WR.. a playmaker if you will.. sure they have Joe Horn (spare at best) and Finnerman.. but neither are playmakers! The Tuna could work wonders with that franchise thou.. Especially since the owner is willing to do whatever it takes to win.. I can’t believe you didnt bring up Bobby Carpenter when you were talking about draft busts!

  2. Well I guess the tire kicking is over for Atlanta.. Could the Tuna find a home in Miami.. I guess we will just have to wait and see 🙂

  3. “bust a licious”…. so many jokes… so little time… lol

  4. let me make joke #1

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