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Ok.. so LD wanted me to make this a reoccurring thing on the blog.. so here you go LD.. More reading from around the Blogosphere.. I think you will get a kick outta the Donald Driver article 🙂

Silent E – Donald Driver schills for McDonalds, “does he love fat kids

College Football By The Numbers “Bowl Game Breakdowns

Bored at work? Michael Vick Game

Curt Schilling – “Defends Comments Made About Roger Clemens

Ol Broad – “Morning Coffee 12/20/07

Texas Fred – “I Got Hate Mail

American And Proud “Heartwarming Steeler Story


7 Responses

  1. Fixed.. thats what I get for typing so fast! lol

  2. re: freds hate mail… sigh.. I hate that freds a racist ass… but fully support his right to be one…

    re: the mcdonalds smack… what an idiot… the card doesn’t make kids fat…. (speaking slowly and enunciating) The idiot that orders the double QP instead of the salad is making themselves fat… sheesh

    Re: steeler story… i’ll take you anywhere you wanna go in a baggie, but you are not going in my coffee… lol

    re:michael vick game… didn’t i give that to you like 2 weeks ago? lol try this one

    Ok… thats my 2 cents.. lol

  3. The game is on the blog roll under sports 😛

  4. then why add in the around the blog thingy? sheesh.. MEN! lol

  5. Cuz brat….since many of the male species are totally oblivious to what is going on around them, you must give them more options.


    Ok, I’ll behave! sigh….

  6. I put it on the “Around the Blogosphere” for the people that may not check the sidebar 😛 *shakes head*

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