Was there ever any DOUBT !!!

The League has turned down Roy “Horse Collar” Williams for his appeal against his one game suspension against his tackle on McNabb. Honestly did anyone think this was going to be overturned. Geez Roy this rule was put in place just for you. Hopefully this makes you pull your head out of your butt and you get back to the Roy of old. Every since Kelly Rowland left you, you sir have been a total waste of talent on the field. You cant cover, your not hitting, and you are just getting burnt.

“Who Me?? What did I do??”

3 Responses

  1. *Overheard yesterday in Mr Goodells office*

    Goodell : What can I help you with Mr Williams?

    Roy : Yeah Im here to make sure you were serious.. What your trying to say is after the 4 fines in 2 years, having this rule named after me.. and the letter your office took the time to send me.. waring me of a suspension for the next incident.. You are really going to suspend me for one game..

    Goodell : Yes Mr. Williams, that is correct.. Your not as stupid as I thought you were..

    Roy : Thank you sir.. I just wanted to waste your time with this senseless appeal meeting.. I knew you were serious.. I just wanted to get out of Dallas for a few days! I leave you with this!

    *Roy reaches over the desk and “horsecollars” Mr Goodell in his office.. snapping his leg like a twig!*

    Roy : Im Roy Williams Bitch! What?

  2. Easy, Weedhopper! That’s one of your teams troops! And you know that folks who go to “intitutes of higher learning” in third world countries don’t get much education.

  3. I know he is a troop.. but he is becoming a week troop!!! If I defended him.. then I would be yet another blind Cowboy fan that does not accept the fact he is rapidly becoming an overrated player.. Was probably overrated when he came into the leauge.. but he looked really good with Woodson back there to clean up his messes

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