NFC Road Comes Thru Dallas!


With a not so dominate Cowboy win last night.. and a “Red Ass Beatdown” the Bears handed the Packers earlier.. The Road to the Superbowl comes thru Dallas! That’s right Cowboy fans.. The Cowboys clinched homefield advantage thru out the playoffs! Sorry Silent E..

awtonyromo.jpg “Thank You sports gods.. I don’t have to go to Lambeau Field in January”!


T.O. getting hurt in last nights game should concern Cowboy fans, but its not time to panic just yet.. MRI shows its a “High Ankle Sprain”.. Should not be to serious.. Resting T.O. next week against the Redskins.. and then the bye week before the Cowboys first Playoff game.. should be more then enough time for T.O. to get rested up.. I mean seriously.. its the playoff.. Mr. Ego is not going to miss the playoffs 😉

Really the only thing at stake next week.. A Cowboys win.. Gives them the best season in franchise history.. A Cowboys loss.. ties them with the Packers.. assuming the Packers beat Detroit next week.. Hey 13-3 is not a bad season at all..

So this weekend brings the following to some fellow bloggers.. and regulars around the Corner..

Ol Broad.. Trades in the “Peacock Dance” for the “Snoopy Victory Dance” as her Cowboys clinch home field advantage..

Silent E.. Trys to talk people down off the ledge in “Packer Country”.. Sorry guys.. There will be no Cowboy trips to Lambeau this season! *Thank God*

Robert.. Carolina Panthers fan who should be proud of his team, and young Matt Moore for the effort in last nights game.. They played very tough, and hung around until the very end!

Sean .. Finds himself somewhere beside himself with joy after the Bears defense makes his comments come true from the first meeting of the season! SUCK IT BRETT!! 😉


5 Responses

  1. And Suck it he did. My Christmas Got very Merrier this day. And to All Cowboy fans, on behalf of the Chicago Bears fanbase, just let me say. Your Welcome

    Merry Christmas Jason

  2. Thank you Chicago Bears fanbase!!!

    From my family to yours.. Merry Christmas Sean 🙂

  3. Thank you very much Bears, you gave all of us
    Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo Fans! a Very Very Very Merry Christmas.


  4. Well Ick, At least the Panthers played hard, they scored their usual 13 points, and the “D” held a powerful Cowboy team to 20…WITHOUT JP in the lineup. I was proud of that, yet ashamed of our offense just the same.

    You know our 4th string QB is going to be good, he needs to bulk up a little though, I met him in Arizona and he is a little on the thin side.. He’s smart though and with some experience he could be real good.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours (Sorry I was late on the well wishes)

  5. I agree Matt Moore is going to be real good.. We here in Dallas sure hated to see him on the waiver wire.. we knew he would not be making it to our practice squad.. Sure enough he was snatched up within a few days!

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