We feel your pain Liverpool!!!

We really tried to warn you Liverpool… not that it would have mattered much, it was going to happen one way or another. Maybe the shock wouldn’t have been so bad if word had made its way across the pond. Your love was going to be marginalized into a billionaire’s profit margin whether you liked it or not.

Apparently thousands of fans protesting in the streets (old news) and an open letter documenting the disgust of the 8 month history and his ownership’s P.R. lies (new link) has proved to be effective on the money grubbing bastard… not in the productive way though… you guess it, we’ve got another gold inappropriate quote to add to the list of gems spewed from this asshole’s mouth. Liverpool, I’ll get to his response to you… but 1st lets play follow the quotes:

When Tom Hicks started “losing” money because of his bad decisions, Tom Hicks tried his best to cut his monetary losses at the expense of the Texas Rangers. He tries to trade A-Rod but finds no immediate success. He settles our fan outrage about attempting to give away our best player and league MVP by telling us “Obviously, absolutely there are no trade talks and this trade has been put to bed. We are in a go-forward position with Alex. He is here for seven years and we will go forward.”

This, of course, would be a blatant LIE to the fans as 2 weeks later A-Rod is dumped to New York… this of course will allow the Texas Rangers “Financial flexibility” to acquire new top tier talent. 4 years later, this “Financial flexibility” has produced exactly 1 multiyear free agent signing: the incredibly average Kevin Millwood.

After the Rangers fans catch onto the “Financial flexibility” lie, we’re told the honest truth… after all, redundant 4th place finishes in a 4 team division requires something to give the fans hope: “if our revenue grows in the off-season, our payroll will grow with it.” WHAT?!? Let me get this correct… the fans need to support a historically bad franchise and if we improve profit margins, THEN the ownership will make the monetary investment it requires to acquire top level talent. Investing would be the wrong word here… excess profit reallocation would be a better term.

It’s OK though, in Tom Hick’s mind: “You don’t even have to win a championship every year to draw the fans. You just have to show you’re really trying.” More 4th place finishes and a lowered payroll would certainly indicate that ownership isn’t trying… but there is no significant drop in attendance.  So Tom Hicks is once again proven wrong… you don’t need to pretend you’re trying to win. I’m so glad he came to this epiphany, but I’m even more happy he decided to tell us about it: “This business has to do with fan affinity and brand devotion. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with winning.”

OK, so to maximize the sports profitability, Tom Hicks will need to get some fan affinity… lets see, we’ve tried building it around a frugal losing team and that didn’t work… how could Mr. Hicks possibly get some “fan affinity and brand devotion”? Developing a winner seems to difficult and risky… I know, BUY A LEGENDARY FRANCHISE THAT ALREADY HAS THOSE QUALITIES!!! Hey, soccer is the worlds biggest sport with the most rabid fans. Tom Hicks can purchase one of the best clubs in history, Liverpool!

Ya know what would be great Mr. Hicks? If you told us all about how smart you are to buy these prepackaged fans: “There’s no way either of my two teams’ fans have the level of intense passion that Liverpool has. I want them to. Hopefully, someday they will.” That will make all us in Dallas really want to be bigger fans and spend more money on your losers!

So now Tom Hicks has it all, a franchise “with fan affinity and brand devotion. It
doesn’t necessarily have to do with winning.” Whats this?!? Liverpool fans are interested in something that has to do with winning? Maybe its time to rethink this purchasing a prepackaged fanbase… “Hicks could have purchased Dallas’ MLS franchise but decided not to. ‘In hindsight, I probably made the wrong decision,’ he said.“. That’ll make ya feel better Liverpool fans, your new owner is now thinking he’d rather have purchased a running punchline in Dallas than your franchise.

Liverpool faithful: I invite you to “The Tom Hicks Era”


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  1. You know.. Tom Hicks really needs to realize he has to crack open that wallet to get the Rangers some talant.. Now I will say this, the Rangers farm system is fully stocked now.. where as a few years ago, we had zip! This “we will do nothing in the offseason”, but sign a bunch of “use to beens” and “bandaids” will not get the revenue up.. and its stupid to expect the fans to stay loyal to a team, where the owner has ZERO interest in winning. I do not for one second believe that Tom Hicks offered Tex a $140 million dollar deal to stay here!

    If Mark Cuban is really interested in buying a baseball team.. I’d love to see him buy the Rangers.. Could you imagine what Cuban could do for that franchise? Cuban has surrounded himself with people that can find talant, and he is not scared to crack open the wallet!

  2. Cuban doesn’t throw money around. He makes business decisions in the same way Hicks does, but Cuban will take more chances, and considers losing unacceptable.

    On the other hand, Hicks has shown on both the Stars and the Rangers an unwillingness to sign anyone long term for the fear of being burned. He is still protecting his staff despite a severe lack of success (hockey or baseball). In his words he sees the Stars as one of the best hockey teams over the past 5 years despite not making it out of the 1st round… in a sport where 1/2 the teams make it to the playoffs.

  3. Oh I don’t think Cuban just throws money around.. but your right he is willing to take more chances.. You hit the nail on the head with the Stars thou!

  4. actually, i’m pretty sure i misquoted the last 5 years thing… i don’t remember his quote, but i’m too lazy to look it up now… i did enough quote lookups and earlier today

  5. Just out of curiousity, can you isolate and show me where you posted Tom Hick’s response to Liverpool fans? I was anticipating it, and didn’t catch it. Maybe I missed it somehow though….

  6. it wasn’t a direct comment to the liverpool fans. it was a comment about how he should have purchased fc dallas instead of liverpool.

  7. When Hicks showed up to buy our beloved Liverpool Football Club, he and his miniature partner Gillett seemed to be the best a man can get. Unfortunately, they’re far from it. They definitely knew how to talk to talk: making promises about financial backing and money available to buy “snoogy doogy” if that’s who the manager was interested gave them some initial popularity, even if they quickly back-peddled raising some fans’ eyebrows (and their persistent reference to our club as a soulless “franchise” didn’t earn them too many friends either).

    But that said, we weren’t going to bicker over vocabulary. If they wanted to call it a franchise, we might not like it, but being Americans, it was easy to understand – you lot tend to speak funny (not to mention spell words like “coloUr” wrong – but that’s not what this is about).

    I for one gave Hicks and Gillett the benefit of the doubt, figuring that even if they’re number one motivation was making a profit, then being astute business men (as we were led to believe), they would quickly realise that the best way to make money off the field is to win trophies on it, and the only way to win trophies on the field, is to invest in talented players to compete with your rivals.

    You can imagine how my heart sank when I read the following quote ascribed to Mr. Twat Hicks:
    This business has to do with fan affinity and brand devotion. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with winning.”
    Compare this attitude to that of our previous owners. The man whose family had owned the majority of the club for generations, whose family hailed from Liverpool and who knew what an honour and a priviledge it is to be involved with the greatest club in the world:
    “Liverpool Football Club exists to win trophies. It has no other purpose”.
    And these words echoed the sentiment of the man who made our club great, the Legend Bill Shankly, whose statue’s plinth reads: “Bill Shankly – he made the people happy”.
    Even our previous manager Ged Houllier, whose fortunes on the field faded despite having a large transfer budget once said:
    “Our job is to make the fans happy. When we win, 45,000 people go home happy. When we lose, it not only affects them, it affects their cats.”

    So to now have a moron in charge, who sees our club as a franchise and an opportunity to make a quick buck (despite having failed to make a success in previous forays into the world’s favourite sport – see the Brazil saga here (link)), February 6th, 2007 was indeed a dark, dark day in the history of our club.

  8. thanks for the reply tetteh… its good to hear from ya guys.

    As a Dallas resident without cable/satellite, I am unable to actually watch the games but I try to follow the news… I’ve been extremely interested in the reaction from the Liverpool faithful to the new ownership.

    just a heads up from us in Dallas… the Texas Rangers currently have the 27th ranked payroll (out of 30 teams) in the MLB and the reside in the 4th biggest media market in the US. Tom Hicks (at least in Dallas) is taking every last dollar he can, and investing as few pennies as possible.

    far be it from me to defend tom hicks in any way, shape or form… but don’t worry about the word “franchise” from Americans when it comes to sports. I know over there it sounds like a carpetbagger referring to your team like a McDonald’s. Over here “franchise” is used as a noun like ‘team’ but denoting its entire history/existence…

  9. The behaviour of Mssrs. Hicks and Gillett is really quite disturbing. As a relatively new supporter of the club, I have spent a lot of time reading about its history and everything they are and stand for is really contrary to what Liverpool FC stand for. As someone who has grown to love Liverpool FC, even from all the way over here on the west coast of Canada, it’s been very hard to watch/listen to what Hicks and Gillett have said regarding Benitez and how they have broken all of their initial promises to us who care about LFC. It really pisses me off and I hope the fans’ outrage makes a dent on the collective conscience of these idiots.

  10. Thanks for the comment bingleaf.. Im really sorry that Tom Hicks is destroying another franchise.. Hopefully he will learn at some point, the fans are more important then the money!!

  11. “Hicks could have purchased Dallas’ MLS franchise but decided not to. ‘In hindsight, I probably made the wrong decision,’ he said.“.

    Is that quote for real. Who did he say it to?

  12. I believe he said that to the media… Liverdamage, who did Hicks say this to?

  13. it was an associated press article, made known to me in usa today via unfair park. that article has since been removed. i have tried to find a duplicate/mirror to no avail.

  14. Here is the Interview: http://mlb.mlb.com/media/player/mp_tpl.jsp?vid=7789&_mp=1&w=2007/open/teams07/tex/video/061907_tex_hicks_ownwords_400.wmv

    There’s a statement made about 10 minutes through the clip.

    Tom Hicks states that – The money made from Liverpool, will be used to fund the Texas Rangers. This statement is unbeleievable and it will make Liverpool Football Club feel second fiddle to a club that is lack-lustre in The United States.

  15. What a slimey money grabbing liar Hicks has turned out to be. Hopefully he’ll sell on to DIC asap.

  16. The bumbling idiot tried to sack one of the greatest football managers of his generation, who had taken Liverpool to two European Cup finals in three seasons, winning one of them, winning the FA Cup, and making progress in the English league. Rafael Benitez, who is universally loved by the fans, has the potential to be one of the greatest managers in the history of LFC, who is desired by some of the biggest clubs in Europe, this man was treated like a janitor by this disgusting ignorant arrogant greaseball Tom Hicks. What a repulsive, vile man. The hatred for him in Liverpool now is unbelievable.

  17. There is (another!) protest before the game tonight in Liverpools match. The hate for Hicks is really increasing combined with the media speculation. We are desprite for DIC to buy them out, but it probably won’t happen.
    With any hope once his lies about finanacing the club are revieled with his loan plans. a fury will explode.
    die hicksss

  18. Nice to know that we aren’t walking alone in these grim grim days.


  19. You guys are far from being alone in the grim days of the Hicks Era.. If its any comfort he owns two Dallas teams.. so fans of both the Dallas Stars, and Texas Rangers have to deal with the Hicks BS!

  20. Hicks talked the talk and appeared to walk the walk. He has duped the fans and made enemies. To give you an idea of just how much of a hornet’s nest he’s stirred up. There is credible truth in the statement that neither of them should attend any of the Liverpool home matches through fear of violence and attempted assaults on them.

    To give you an idea of what he’s done, he tried to sack the manager Rafa Benitez after Rafa guided Liverpool to 2 Champions League finals in 3 years…winning one of them. To put that in context it’s like trying to sack a manager who’s taken an average american football team to 2 super bowl’s in 3 years.

    The fans hate these 2 for their broken promises – about laidening the club with massive debt, etc…

    watch this space for further madness from the fans.

    An enemy of Hicks is a friend of ours – Hand of friendship from across the pond in the UK to you all 😉

    Est1892 member

  21. “To put that in context it’s like trying to sack a manager who’s taken an average american football team to 2 super bowl’s in 3 years.” – fyi: we had that… the dallas cowboys fired jimmy johnson after consecutive superbowl wins.

    tom hicks must be finding out that duping the masses over there a little more difficult… over here, our “news” is best described as oligarchy propaganda.

    just for kicks, and to see what the media is saying over here about the mess over there…
    liverpool fans will get a some great laughs… please give me your reactions.

  22. I am afraid it will be impossible for “Fathead” to show his face in Liverpool again.

    We are very passionate about our teams on Merseyside (We also have Everton & Tranmere) and if Mr Hicks thinks he can just “Balls” our club up without any reaction from the fans, he clearly misunderstands how we feel.

    There is a lot of anger over here, and admittidly, we are an exitable lot, but i really do not think he would be safe if he ever shows his face here again.

  23. Reading the post from Star Telegram, the writer obviously has no friggin idea what he’s going on about. Never have we heard that Rafa has EVER threatened to quit the club he dearly loves. The approach of Klinsmann by Hicks totally undermines Rafa’s position as the manager. In fact, after the news burst into public about Klinsmann’s approach, Rafa played down the fracas and instead announced that he fully intends to fulfill his contract at the club.

  24. To my sporting bretheren from accross the pond, i too share your pain in the knowledge that something you hold dear is being systematically destroyed and mismanaged in the manner that it is leaving you the supporters in despair and loss of hope.
    It is amazing to think that an owner of a sporting club thinks along the lines of winning not important……that is the utmost sin of any sporting club…they all exist to win….if they didnt then they serve no purpose for anyone but the owner whos is onl;y in for financial gain. over here there is a lot of talk of fans mobilising and boycotting all official merchandise and match tickets to hit Hicks where it hurts. this is something that is more than capable of being done in Liverpool as the people here are that fanatical and the sense of injustice being done warrants them to be proactive about it. we have seen this before when we suffered the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989 and the leading tabloid paper in the UK ‘the Sun’ printed blatant disgusting lies about our supporters just for the thing they love the most which is sensationalism…never any journalistic skills used for their stories. they still have not been forgiven to this day and their publication is not sold in Liverpool as there has been a boycott ever since. Hicks may well see something he never has and never expected with regards to fan power. if he does not pull his finger out of his backside and tell the truth, he really will feel the wrath of us liverpool fans and we will hound him out one way or another!!
    Hope you guys get rid of him as well and get someone who does care about the team and drive it forward to do what it was created for…to win honours!!

  25. Texas Rangers fans HAVE stopped buying tickets. Attendance is down 600,000 since he purchased the team. Hicks just lowers the payroll more and raises ticket prices for the few thousand that do still go to the games.

    Hicks simply won’t be able to pull the same shit over there as he does here though (extreme example: relegation punishes your losers, revenue sharing gives more $ to our losers). So BOYCOTT!!! He will sell the team if you put a big enough dent in his wallet.

    New question: How is Malcolm Glazer being received once the dust settled @ Manchester United?

  26. http://www.anfieldroad.com/news/200801242798/how-reds-owners-mislead-fans-over-transfer-funding.html

    And it has begun here aswell.

    A boycott will probably not happen. Not a massive one like the boycot against ‘the s*n’. Since one of the Liverpool FC club slogans are “You’ll never walk alone”. Many supporters might feel that they are letting the team down if they boycott. However, a massive boycott might be the only way I fear.

    About Glazer? Well. It varies. Manchester United bought players for around £60M Sterling if I remember correct. So he pleased many. However, most of the supporters still dislike him.

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  28. Hasn’t Hicks just screwed up the Rangers with the A-Rod fiasco…I don’t thinkhe could make such an almightty balls up over here unless he signs Kaka from Milan and he isn’t really that good (VERY UNLIKELY)…plus I am tempted to take some solace from Uncle George Gillett’s influence..and his record at Montreal Canadiens….

  29. I welcome the news. Hicks might be a PR disaster, but if he can start maximing profits and our commercial potential, then good luck to him. The fans had been crying for years for a more hard nosed business approach, but now there might be risks involved they become hysterical.

    You’ll never satisfy them anyway, like you’ll never satisfy Texas Rangers fans, or any sports fans. Tis the way of the modern world.

    Cracks me up to read so called Liverpool fans (internet drama queens) calling for boycotts of our fine club from the safety of their basements, and at the same time advocating we sell to a bunch of Arab asset strippers.

    The irony is delicious.

  30. Ps. The Liverpool way is full of media apologist, superfan retards, especially Rashid, the most famous troll of them all.

  31. Cally the scally not only has Hicks broken numerous promises but he has admitted trying to recruit an inexperienced manager in Klinnsmann behind the current managers back and you welcome this? what a moron.

  32. I’m obviously talking to some clueless, frustrated, amatuer anarchist, so I’ll keep it simple, less big words, etc.

    I want Benitez out anyway, as firstly he’s the instagator of this whole mess, and secondly, he’s lost the plot and taking us backwards, so I’m not that bothered about them approaching another manager. I’d be more worried if they hadn’t with our season in tatters and another limp title challenge on the cards, and The Ego (Benitez) crying about yet more money for rubbish squad players.

    The fact that they approached Klinsman is a concern, but he is one of the up and coming managers in the game, well respected, etc. Bayern, who are no small club themselves, felt he was worth the risk.

  33. All, Dont listen to Cally, he’s a blu-nose evertonian just trying to get a rise out of LFC fans.

  34. Cally you bluenose! Go concentrate on your own club, idiot!

    Hicks may you burn in hell, you will soon realise this is not the USA! When the stadium is half full and you cannot set foot in Liverpool,

    Be prepared, we are not the normal run of the mill fans, just ask the sum rag S*N!!! We go all the way and will do until you are out of our club!


  35. The Bluenose jibes are predictable, spouted by yet more amateur militant loons, and really ironic, as that’s who most Liverpool fans are starting to sound like these days, always on a downer about the club and letting their own selfish prejudices get in the way of any perspective.

    So tell us, Derek Hatton, we smash the corporate machine, drive dem durty yankz out, bankrupt the club, go into administration, relegation, points deductions, etc, etc, who comes into save us? DIC? Hehe, yeah right. Ken Bates, more like.

    But then again, you self serving, sentimental, disefranchised types would love all that wouldn’t you? We’d be rid of the so called “whoppers” and living out our fantasies of playing in League 2.

  36. Cally

    You do not represent even 10% of fan opinion and certainly do not represent any Liverpool fanzine or website. You are a man on your own. You may be a Liverpool fan but you don’t represent any poll or any significant % of our following.

    In short you’re a nobody on the Internet spouting utter drivel (IMO).

    You are entitled to your opinion of course but don’t lable it as Liverpool fan opinion because it is not. For the record we don’t have an issue with businessmen owning us, we just have an issue with being owned by a clueless guy like Hicks who has no regard for the dignity with which our club usually conducts it’s business.


  37. The Telagram article was horrific, thanks for the link!

    “Owners going into debt and still signing free agents, we realize here in the States, are not mutually exclusive options.”

    Except the wole point of why Liverpool fans are outraged is that the owners promised ‘that this was NOT a Man U style take-over, we will not load debt on to the club,’ which is exactly what they are now doing.

    The article also mentions the Benitez argument – just to clarify, over here a ‘manager’ also has a hand in transfers, and youth policy. Arsenal’s manager even helped design the changing rooms at the new stadium. So to tell him just to coach players is an insult – and besides, Rafa never asked for ‘more money’ before that argument, only TO BE ALLOWED TO DO HIS JOB, AS DISCUSSED.

    The fact they consider sacking him due to possible poor performance in the Champion’s League (prestigious cash cow competition, in which Rafa’s record is ‘untouchable’ according to the owners) and replacing him with a complete unkown quantity also shows they know little about building winning teams.

    The article makes LFC fans out to be ignorant – we are not. We knew the deal, but we ARE knowledgable, and hence can see through blatant lies, especially when local ‘tabloids’ are reporting facts – and had been supportive of the new regime prior to the Klinsmann debacle.

    P.S. – Our media is terrible too, we have a vicious, Murdoch driven tabloid press, with a liberal attitude to the truth (LFC fans hate one of his papers due to lies printed about us after the Hillsbrough stadium disaster), many of the worst quotes from Hicks come from a long time before they took us over. Our old owners should also have done better research.

    Oh well –

    In solidarity, my American amigos! Best of luck in the goal of success on the pitch, either by getting rid of Hicks, or him having a personality transplant.

  38. I represent a lot more than you think. There’s a whole other world outside of your internet forum bubbles, pointless polls, and fanzine cliques.

    As for Hicks being clueless and having no regard for dignity in club matters, this coming from a man (I use the term lightly) who epitomizes everything wrong about our support and football fans in general these days, who has continually undermined the manager ever since he’s been in the job, and who would sell our soul in a second to bring in one of his fantasy star names.

    You’re a joke, mate. An internet cautionary tale. They only allow you to stay on there because you kiss the editors arse, like the rest of the phonies.

    My bond to the club is as strong as ever, and I’ll continue to fight you and anyone else who tries to take that away.

  39. Cally

    You are right. I apologise.

    I have a small willy. Its caused me no end of problems during my life, not least on internet forums. The bigger boys are probably all hung like horses, and so I need to find a way of asserting myself.

    I am really lonely, and sometimes I think that the company of a good man (with a penchant for tiny penises) would help me get over my pain.

    Maybe we could meet up sometime?

  40. That would explain a lot. I wouldn’t worry, though, as most small penised fellas end up as fanzine (comics for gimps) editors or at the NOTW (Sunday Scum)


  41. You’re that mentalist that registers on every LFC website, prior to being banned for being a knob, then registering again, aren’t you?

    What an oddball you are. You need help.

  42. Like a dagger to the heart. I was desperately trying to hide my identity.

    I’ll never live this down, being banned off a few internet forums run by social misfits, oooh the drama.

  43. Anyway, all bickering aside, at the very least I hope that the Rangers’ and Stars’ experiences, while clearly not enough to stop Hicks from running amok with the Reds, will be sufficient to warn off any other clubs from a similar situation after this debacle.

  44. Too bad that you don’t try to be constructive with your points Cally. I wouldn’t agree with you anyway, but maybe I would try a bit more to understand what you’re saying. It’s important that we have different views, but it’s not a Liverpool supporter worthy to lash out like that on other fellow supporters.

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  46. Liverpool fans, the new Everton fans.

  47. What really makes me laugh my goolies off, is these perma doom merchant, bedroom militants still talking about team matters, potential signings, etc, despite their hatred for the new owners and threats to boycott the club, and all that other internet bluster.

    If they had an ounce of self respect, they’d stick to their guns and stay away from the club altogether until they’d driven our Americano friends out, or even start up their own breakaway football club. But that would take guts and commitment.

    Why do that when you can sit on your arse and wallow in misery all day and night.

  48. H&W 1-0 up and we unable to break them down, a team full of plumbers and posties.

    I wonder if G&H will get the blame.

  49. Oops! 2-1 up.

    You’ve got to love Benitez setting up to contain a non league team.

  50. Benitez gets another get out of jail card. Not long though before he’s out on his arse, though, with his huge array of tactics in tow.

    Also great to hear that so many good honest Reds were turning on the uber militants in the Kop. I guess not everyone is an anti American bellend, and most are sick of these superfans embarrassing the club.

    Though, I’m sure it’ll just be laughed off as a few clueless day-trippers who don’t have internet access, not like us who have “contacts” and understand the complexities of the situation, and the long term effect it will have on the club, etc, blah, blah, blah…..

    *rolls eyes*

  51. Wow, Cally you really are a turnip who fancies himself

  52. Oh and stop embarassing us. You know, by being you

  53. I see the odious fat snake at the Sunday Sun is sticking to his bitter agenda and trying to whip up the hysteria.

    He’s out of the loop, DIC are a pipe dream, and the Americans are here to stay, get used it fatty.

  54. Errmm,
    I’m sorry for this, but I have to stand up a little for Cally,(just a little). My alliegence is to LFC not to any single individual, inc Benitez. Benitez is a decent manager a very good manager, but not the best. I think the loss of Paco in the backroom struck harder than anyone realised. Some of the Benitez’s buys have been poor, some of his tactical decisions really poor (the sub of Hamman in ECF a neccessity, shud’ve been on from the start) But still he should be treated with respect. I was nautious at the thought that DIC would buy the club, an Investment firm? Borrowing money from the State? Based in the Middle East? I’d rather sell to Lucifer himself. Unfortunately the real wealth has gone to QPR of all places, they have recently become the richest sporting club on Earth.
    I love LFC and no other, who owns the club will depend on how well we do on the pitch, oddly enough. And if we’re winning who cares, if we’re losing rats always leave a sinking ship. Walk on, Brothers!!!

  55. When is this arrogant, talentless liar back at Anfield?…I personally wouldn’t like to speculate on the crowd reaction.

  56. @Reload77:

    Do you mean Benitez?

    Oh Hicks, pardon me.

    I’m sure he’s quaking in his cowboy boots.

    What an overblown mess. The famously anti media Liverpool fans being whipped up into an hysteria by fleet street, who love nothing more than winding up scousers and LFC in a so called ‘crisis’

    Doesn’t sit right with me that Benitez (the failure) has been turned into a martyr over this, when he is to blame for it all. If he hadn’t decided to go public with his show of staggering petulance, none of this would be going on and they would have sorted out whatever disagreements they had behind closed doors where it belongs.

    Now he can do no wrong for the brain dead, sentimental types, and his domestic failure is forgotten, while everything the new owners do is seen as a negative.

    The sooner the fat Spaniard is shown the door the better.

  57. At the end of the day Cally,

    Hicks has broken his word, on multiple occasions. As far as I’m concerned he has zero integrity. Every single fan that I have seen post about wanting Rafa out, has never backed their claims up with factual evidence to why.

    Do you know in the Premier League Rafa creates more chances to score than any other manager thats FACT! On average the tactics he deploys creates 15.9 chances to score per game. Also considering our team is second overall in clean sheets recorded and second in least goals conceded.

    What is missing is another world class striker that converts a minute to goal ratio equal or better than Torres.

  58. Haha, another brainwashed Prozone tacticsphobe.

    The only stat worth giving any credence to is the league table. And the FACT that we haven’t been involved in the title race past xmas after 4 seasons in the job.

    Face it, he’s a good manager, has built a great squad, but his methods are at odds with winning the league here. He’s too scientific, which is perfect for one off cup games, but over the course of a long season, his obsessive tinkering and cowardly approach will always see us fall short.

    He’s lost the players, who are probably as sick as playing for him as we are watching us toil and struggle to pass the ball every week. And the takeover issue is just papering over the cracks.

  59. 7th in the league, 17 points behind the leaders.

    What makes me laugh is all the brainwashed, militant types marching to save Benitez’s job, like he was some sort of Messiah, when the Americans were right all along.

  60. I’m a Canadian, living in Australia and a Liverpool supporter since the 1970’s, as well as an avid hockey fan.

    I have been growing ever more concerned at the Hicks fiasco.

    I wonder:

    Is there not some way that we fans of Liverpool FC, Texas Rangers and the Dallas Stars cant get together and plan some action as a group?

    I’m sure that together we would number in the hundreds of thousands and collectively we should be able to find some way of voicing our displeasure and having it heard by Hicks.

    I know that Rangers fans are voting with their feet and attendances are down, so surely there are some fans from each club that could get together and set up a web site, forum, action group or something where we could all sort out some form of punative action and force Hicks to sellup/leave/wake up?

    I cant believe that even in this age of big business and the power of the dollar, that the fans (who after all do the paying), cant use their collective strength together.

    After all we are all interested in the same thing: A good successful winning mentality from the clubs we love.

  61. Asking help from us in Texas won’t help.

    The Texas Rangers have been a historically bad franchise. In their 35 years, they have had exactly 1 playoff win… the fan base is just too beaten down to actively take any formal action. I’ve documented the lack of success when the Rangers fans do take action (I still believe actions in Liverpool will be successful though).

    The Hicks ownership with the Stars is actually pretty good. He invested the money to put his franchise in a position to win… and that is good enough for the Stars fans… they do have 1 championship, and another Stanley Cup appearance in 99 and 2000 respectively.

    So even myself, a Hicks hater, is saying he is batting 500 with his 1st 2 franchises… why did I write this blog entry then? Well, his actions appear much more like the Rangers than the Stars as it pertains to Liverpool. This is disastrous with regards to the Ws and Ls.

    Of course, if Liverpool wins, all is going to be forgiven regardless. As a longtime friend always says about sports fans “Oh how quickly they forget.” I just don’t expect it to happen.

    Simply put, Hicks puts more effort in hiring consultants, marketing, and accounting than investing in players. He has a history of going outside team direction and scouting to acquire players that only marketing would support… or getting rid of important players accounting thinks you could get by without. If he CONTINUES (it has already started) this attitude across the pond, your club will be in for a steady decline into mediocrety.

  62. Update from Texas: true to form, Tom Hicks hires a president and head of baseball operations for the Rangers that has 0 experience in that area, but will sell more tickets. This hire is 100% about marketing and land development.

    During the press conference, Ryan and Hicks talked twice as much about revenue and land development around the stadium than actually winning baseball games.

    Hicks has raised ticket prices… after dropping payroll to 3rd lowest in the league, and effectively adding nobody of talent to the roster.

    Boycott loud long & hard Liverpool faithful!

  63. the liverpool fans have set up a fans union called the Sons Of Shankly or “SOS”
    We cant boycott the game because there will always be fans to take our seats! We have tried to organise a boycott of the club shop but there r too many fans on a day out. The aims of “SOS”:
    To represent the best interests of the fanson both local and international level
    To hold whoever owns the club to account
    To rid the club of Tom Hicks and Geoge Gillett
    To institute a functioning structure for “SOS”
    To improve the quality of service for LFC fans
    To bring about supporter representaion at boardroom level
    Supporter ownership of the club!!!!

    To bring about supporter representaion at boardroom level”

    – I’m not so sure this is a good idea. Sometimes unpopular moves are required if the intentions of management are for the success of the club, if the intentions of the boardroom are for on-the-field success and how that pertains to off-the-field financial growth&stability.

    Look at Green Bay’s NFL team… a publicly owned franchise (and a successful one at that). They elect a president that is responsible for the overall football operations. If he isn’t productive in the eyes of the shareholders, they fire him. Until then, he oversees every aspect of the team (either directly or indirectly) and what he says goes.

    In the prior 2 years, the GM (new GM Ted Thompson overseen by president Bob Harlan) has made some wildly unpopular moves at the time… specifically letting free agents go and building around a youthful base of core players. The majority of fans were wanting a “superbowl or bust” approach to build quickly around their aging quarterback for 1 desperation run. Instead, they have a highly talented team, that is the youngest in the NFL, and is in position to build a dynasty.

    Other than that, best of luck with sonsofshankly!

  65. good news liverpool faithful!


    … looks like you’re getting through to the bastard!

  66. […] – We Feel Your Pain Liverpool (to this date the single biggest commented on post the Corner has ever seen. The post read, and […]

  67. Lol, entertaining reading all the bickering… quality stuff.

  68. […] We Feel Your Pain Liverpool! (Written by Liverdamage about Tom Hicks and his ownership of Liverpool. To this date still the highest hit post ever written for this site) […]

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