The Great QB Debate


LD and I got into a nice little debate earlier this week about the development of Eli Manning.. LD says he feels young Eli is in the top ten this year.. So I found this little breakdown on You can sort this list by various stats.. I will say this.. Eli is in the top ten for some stats.. One I’m sure the Giants coaching staff, and fans hope he defiantly improves on.  Enjoy the list 😉


4 Responses

  1. I really don’t think Eli Manning is a good QB. I think he lacks the work ethic and preparation to become a great QB in this league. One game, he’ll look like a natural born leader, making great decisions. Other games however, it looks like he completely forgot the playbook. I haven’t given up on him yet though.

  2. I agree Marquis.. The key word with young Eli is Consistant! I think Liver Damage hit it on the head when he was talking about his coaching staff around him.. I think he will always be under the microscope where ever he is.. due to his last name!

  3. Tom Brady = Charles van Doren, a TV fraud

    NFL = WWE



  4. Eli isn’t that good. The only time that he is a better than average QB is when its inside 2 minutes, and he’s basically playing playground football (Points to Plaxico: “just get open”). Now, having a QB that can perform in the last 2 minutes of a game or half is great…but if he’s thrown 4 Int’s in the other 56 minutes of the game…well, your team is going to lose anyway.

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