Ick’s Corner meets Myspace


So if your trying to promote your blog to generate more readers.. you add your site to various blog directories.. make friends with other fellow bloggers.. and last but not least you make a myspace profile.. Or as my buddy Demon calls it.. Mycrack!! If your a reader of the Corner.. and do the myspace thing.. check me out at the address below.. Feel free to send a friend request.. and help Ick’s Corner continue to grow its reader base.. Spread the word 🙂



4 Responses

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  2. Hey, I don’t know if you do Facebook or not, but you can actually create your own facebook applications that will basically tell everyone on your contact list whenever you make a new post. I just started it myself. It’s 5 bucks a month. If your interested send me an email or something and I’ll tell you about it in more detail.

    Here is a explanation/sample of what happens after you set it up

  3. Ill shoot you an email in the near future Emmett.. 🙂

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