Wild Card Weekend Picks


Sorry guys.. day later then I wanted to post them.. We were trying to figure out a *playoff bracket* for all the people that have been doing picks with us for a majority of the season… We were unable to get something solid in place.. We will have something in place for next season.. Anyway hot off the presses.. here are the Wild Card Weekend picks..

jac.gif(X)  @  pit.gif

ten.gif  @ (X)  sdg.gif

was.gif(X)  @    sea.gif

nyg.gif   @ (X) tam.gif


22 Responses

  1. Jacksonville
    San Diego
    Tampa Bay

  2. Steelers

  3. Steelers




  4. Wow! So far 2 people like the *Seachickens* this weekend… Very interesting!!

  5. Steelers




  6. Chiefs

  7. WOW! hand Liverdamage another drink!

  8. don’t mind if i do!

  9. pittsburg

  10. steelers over the pussycats

    the lightning over the tits

    the indians over kurt cobains home town

    the bucs over the bitchy baby eli…i mean WHO NAMES THIER KID ELI!!!?? WHAT WERE THER PARENTS ON AFTER THE CHILD WAS BORN?!

  11. ok, you got beer picks last night… hangover picks:

    steelers @ home @ night in January…
    Steelers for the win… if i had a bookie, $100 on steelers +2.5…

    Washington @ Seattle… Average vs Mediocre…
    Seattle im guessing. not sure enough to guess about seattle -3.5

    Tenn @ SD…
    SD gets the win, but by 10? dunno bout that…

    Giants @ TB
    Giants proved more to me in the regular season… $50 on Giants +3

  12. I had some $$$ on Jax and Seattle so Saturday was good for me.

    SD and Tampa wins will produce a nice flat panel for the superbowl…..LOL

  13. Way to go Robert!! I bet you were sweating during about the last 8 minutes of the Steelers/Jags game. hehehe

  14. GO TAMPA!!!!

  15. Well Tampa let me down… but SD can put some $$$ toward a new flat panel…..AND HECK YEAH! I was sweating while watching that 18 point lead evaporate….

  16. You know.. I picked the Chargers in this game because it was the “Smart Pick” given Vince Young really does not have a whole hell of alot to work with around him.. but I gotta tell you.. My head says Chargers, my heart says GO VINCE!! This is the one game of the weekend I really hope I am wrong about.. Good or Bad.. I love to watch Vince play!

    If this Titans defense plays the way they did last week against Indy… The Chargers could have all they can handle.. Take Gates, and Tomlinson out of the game plan.. You leave the game up to Rivers to win.. Rivers will crumble under that kind of pressure.. I have never, nor will I ever be sold on Rivers.. Rivers = Spare

  17. I think I was one the only people I know that picked the Giants today…….

  18. GO E! We here in Dallas were Tampa Bay fans today!

  19. Rivers shocked the world yesterday…He (like Eli) grew up a little.

    No Gates, LT didn’t do squat, Rivers won that game for SD.
    Without Gates they will need strong play and great decision making from Rivers in Indy. or they will be done.

    My picks:
    Seattle beats GB (sorry E)
    Jax beats NE (HEY! IT could happen)
    SD beats Indy ( depends on Gates but LT will have a solid game.)
    Dallas beats NYG…..(Eli will fold under the pressure)

    Going solid underdog except the Dallas game.
    I got the flat panel yesterday, if these shake out next week I’ll get the F-350 I always wanted LOL

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