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Its time for another weekly installment of Around the Blogosphere..

All Talk Sports *Top 5 Touchdown Celebrations of T. O*

NFL Gridiorn Gab *5 Keys for the Titans to beat the Chargers*

Sports Business Digest *Roger Clemens, 60 Minutes and You*

An Ol Broads Ramblings *Moring Coffee 1/05/08*

Texas Fred *Paper Blasted for “Texan Of The Year*

Silent E Speaks *Global Warming*


4 Responses

  1. I don’t know about you but I know the 1st thing I thought…

    What the hell is the DMN thinking?? And I still can’t answer my own question… 😕

  2. Wonder what the sir name is of the Editor?

  3. I’m not really sure Texas Fred.. I read that article twice, just to make sure I took it all in, and I still can’t answer that question.. Perhaps Liverdamage can answer it 🙂

  4. At least it is tagged as an editorial. Of course, this is the same “news” agency that refused to even publish arguments against the Trinity Toll Road vote… then REFUSED to publish evidence that “their side” was being deliberately deceptive until THE DAY AFTER THE ELECTION. That paper is the face of oligarchy propaganda.

    They lost thousands of subscriptions from “the left” (i.e. the 47% against the toll road) because of their propaganda campaigns. They will lose hundreds of subscriptions from “the right” because of an editorial figurative award.

    Were they trying to get back some “the left customers” they lost because of the Trinity Toll Road debate… or the whole DISD scapegoat lies they publish… or the 1 billion dollars DART “lost” they are currently sugarcoating? I doubt it… the DMN is 1984 meets Entertainment Tonight that is too busy suckling from the tit of the highest bidder to do actual news.

    And as for my opinion/explanation on “Texan of the Year”? I wouldn’t know, I haven’t read their bullshit since August… this article is news to me. And oh yeah, canceling your subscription won’t do shit… they’ll just falsify their circulation numbers AGAIN!! Speaking of that, they haven’t, and won’t, make public how many people cancelled because of that editorial (this way it makes it easier to lie about their subscriptions numbers in the future.)

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