Did It Change Your Mind?

    somatropin_vial.gif    +   clemens.jpg  = Lying Cheating Bastard!

Let me start this article off by saying, these are only my opinions. I grew up a huge Roger Clemens fan, so it pains me to accept the fact that he cheated! It must be to much to ask for your childhood heroes, or players that you enjoy watching, to be pure.. To be playing their chosen sport free and clear of drugs.. And what you see on the field is the best they have to offer! Before I start dissecting the 60 Minute interview I just watched.. First, let me tip my hat to Mike Wallace for asking all the right questions, and going for the throat.. Thats what America wanted to see in this interview! Now on the the breakdown..

First and foremost.. I understand the frustration level Roger Clemens must be living his life in right now. I mean after all he did for McNamee? Which Clemens made mention to several times.. He took him in, let him stay with him, he was his trainer for over 10 years? And then to throw Roger under the bus because he got caught.. I’m shocked! Roger you have every right to be upset with the fact that he threw you under the bus for cheating, and taking performance enhancing drugs.. Shame on him for snitching on you for doing something you knew was wrong! Shame on him for blowing your first ballot induction! Here I was thinking you were a grown man who made your own decisions in life. Like what team is going to pay you the most money to be BELOW AVERAGE I.E. your 6-6 season with a 4+ ERA?? The Yankees brought you in AFTER the all-star break, and paid you $20+ Million dollars for that?? If I were the Yankees.. I’d feel cheated!

When asked if Roger knew anything about Andy Pettitte taking steroids, he replied “I had no idea”? Odd.. Thats not only your teammate.. but your work out partner, and friend.. but yet you knew nothing about it? America do you believe that? I know I sure don’t!  When asked why he felt McNamee mentioned his name to Mitchell, and his team? Clemens stumbles, trying to get his answer out.. “He got caught selling and distributing steroids, that’s what I read somewhere”? Body language would indicate that Clemens was not looking for that question..

When asked why he didn’t speak to Mitchell and his team? “I was advised by council not to talk to them.. *long pause* Alot of players were advised not to talk to them” If you had nothing to hide.. then why not talk to Mitchell and his team? Especially after your name came out in the Mitchell Report. Why wait ,what 3 weeks after spend the first week hiding behind your lawyer? If someone says they stuck me in the ass with a needle 4-6 times a week.. and it wasn’t true.. I’d be doing everything I could to clear my name.. Clemens struck me as way to defensive about the questions being asked, So what does Mike Wallace do? He goes for the jugular “Will you take a lie detector test”? The sequence of answers prove to me without a shadow of a doubt that Clemens is guilty.. “Would it do any good?” “Some say they are good, some say they are bad” He answered that question with a question, and never gave a clear cut yes or no answer! When asked specific questions about what McNamee said to Mitchell and his team.. Clemens response several times was “It didn’t happen” Well what did happen?? You were supposed to be coming on 60 minutes to clear your name.. I think all you did was make things worse!

I love the fact that Mike Wallace responded to Clemens question about why would I take steroids or HGH”?  with “The money, the fame, and to prolong your career”! Brilliant! I think Clemens got offended by that.. to which he replies “I didn’t start my career for the money or fame”I also loved the fact that Wallace made mention to the fact that the 2 years McNamee claims Clemens used steroids.. he was a 20 game winner and CY Young winner each season. Mike Wallace came prepared for this interview!  

So in closing.. was anything really answered tonight? I doubt we will ever know the truth.. only speculation, and opinions on this subject. Until one of these player come clean and say “Yeah I did it” Like Jason Giambi did.. we will always have doubt in our hometown heroes, and favorite players. Please leave your comments… I want to hear your take on the interview if you saw it.. I also want to hear your opinions!!


4 Responses

  1. Yea, I watched it. Like most meetings we have at work, it was a waste of time. All Roger did was say it was all a lie. What else can he do? There is no way he can disprove any of this. No one accused of using any banned substance can disprove the use. Lie detector test? Yea, right. If you remain calm during one, you can get away with lying. And if you actually believe your lie, you can make it work. No, sadly, Roger can do nothing to reclaim his high perch. The only thing that would save him now is for his trainer to be PROVEN to be a liar. And I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  2. The fact that he’s willing to take a lie detector test tells me he just might be telling the truth?

  3. He said yeah sure at the begining, the backed out of it with some of his other answers..

  4. So in the 14 or so minutes of 60 Minutes, what did we learn? That Mike Wallace is one hell of a journalist!! Oh and that Roger Clemens is not only a great pitcher, but he’s one hell of a dancer too! I haven’t seen dancing like that since Emmitt Smith won Dancing With the Stars! But that’s not the point. My favorite part of the whole segment had to be when Clemens asked for some respect after 24 years in the game. Are you f**king kidding me?? You don’t think you have any respect?! Kids of all ages have looked up to you for years!!! Is that not enough for you Rocket? Oh and Mike Wallace hit the nail on the head when he said “to prolong your career”. And no Roger, you wouldn’t have a third ear growing out of your head! That’s caused by radiation!! 🙂

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