Just a friendly reminder 60 minutes is set to air the Roger Clemens interview tonight.. Have you set up your dvr or tivo? Also found this interesting article this morning.. Enjoy 🙂

Expect a full breakdown of the Clemens interview.. as I will be paying very close attention! Hopefully Mike Wallace goes for the throat with his questions!


7 Responses

  1. You locking S.P. in the bedroom? Heh!

  2. Who says I won’t lock myself in the bedroom with my laptop 😉

  3. 1) Mike Wallce is on massive drugs too (anti-depression)

    2) Roger Clemens is a steroid addict and bald face liar

    3) Lance Pharmstrong (LIVE WRONG) and Curt Red Paint Schilling are also steroid abusers.

    Nile Pharmstrong used insulin, female hormones, EPO, blood transfusions, cow blood cells, and truama medicines to race bikes. Curt Schilling a steroid use and moron.

    4) Disney-ESPN makes BILLIONS from steroids and corked bats.

    5) Sem George J. Mitchell was the Disney Chairman from March 2004 thru December 2006. He paid MLB $9 BILLION for TV and radio rights. He bought the very drugs he was paid to audit. (his firm invoiced $20 million to do nothing)

    6) Can you say: TV fraud????????

    MLB = WWE

  4. all sports are supersaturated with steroids. the reason i give more shit to the mlb over other sports is the lies and deceit the mlb spoon-fed their fans over the course of 15-20 years.

    if you don’t want steroids in your sports, watch elementary school teams! preformance enhancers are a problem in middle schools!… it is rampant in high schools… it is common place in ncaa… and it is damn near a prerequisite at the pro levels.

    it is extremely easy to get HGH. i’m not shitting anyone here, and kelly will back me up on this story: our old office was delivered THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS OF HGH that was supposed to go to the office next door… Delivered by FedEX, and the boxes actually had the shit labeled!

  5. Forget hGH.

    Insulin & glucose works in 16 hours.

    hGH goes with testsoterone and female hormones.

  6. Can’t wait for this. I’m curious to see how many questions he’s going to dodge.

  7. Well just from the previews.. he was asked about taking a lie detector test.. and the look on his face is priceless! Ill have a full breakdown before nights end! I got it set up on DVR so I can sit down and disect it 😉

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