dallas cowboys

Oh wait! I will be.. Yours truly has just secured tickets to the game this weekend!!! *grins ear to ear*! Also.. one way or the other.. there will be pictures from the game.. either my digital camera makes it in, or my Blackberry!  😉


14 Responses

  1. Should our fans expect a good breakdown of the game come Monday morning, LD??

  2. hey man i will see your there sir!!! sect 17 row 14!!! look a brotha up homie!!

  3. You know we will find you.. you know the normal smoking spot!

    @ Kate

    You live in Tenn!! Work with me here!!

  4. for a win, yes…

    a loss and i’ll have trouble getting out of bed… it would be like a teenage girl documenting the story of her breakup on the tear-stained pages of “dear diary”

  5. actually no i don’t

  6. sigh…. well, I’ll think about it!



  8. Yes sir.. because we always migrate to the same spot at Texas Stadium.. I said good day! I SAID GOOD DAY!!!

  9. 1st off sir…i know where your seats are at bc you invited and told me!! so are you sure you want to work you way down to have a smoke and work your way up to your seats…then be my guest!!! so i say good day……GOOD DAY SIR!!!

  10. don’t mess wif da jesus meng!

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