Division Round Playoff Weekend


Ok, so since I’m way late.. I’m just going to combine the pick totals from last week.. and the picks for this week 🙂

Wild Card Weekend Results

Phil – 3

 Johnnie – 3

Sean – 3

Rob – 3

Jason – 2 Lajitas – 2Frank – 2

Elvis – 1

Richie -1

Hopefuly this weekend will be better for some…

nyg1.gif @  (X) dal.gif

sea1.gif @ (X)  gnb.gif

jac1.gif@ (X)   nwe.gif *This is the game I hope Im wrong about*

sdg1.gif@    (X) ind.gif


12 Responses

  1. Dallas
    Green Bay
    New England

  2. cooooooooooooooooooowboys
    green bay
    new england

  3. SD @ Indy… has a nice ring to it, but the game is gonna suck… Manning has trouble against the 3-4… don’t care: Indy wins BIG (Indy -8.5)

    Jacksonville @ NE. Jacksonville’s strength (running) is New England’s weakness… I’ll still take the Pats… (no idea if its a close one or blowout… not touching that 13.5 spread)

    Seattle @ GB… These teams are matched up well against each other… I’ll take the 8.5 points…
    as for a straight up win… some dog has gotta win this round… i’ll just say Seattle.

    Gints @ Boys… These are the 2 best teams in the NFC right now IMO (no offense GB).
    1st off: I’ve documented the fact I like Eli as a QB… but lets get serious, 2 great games and all the sudden he’s a Hall of Famer in waiting?!? The media really needs to slow down saying he’s magically (and instantly) figured it out! When was the last time ANY QB just made the jump from good to great in less than a full season?
    that said, #2: The boys 2ndary blows… Eli + Plexico + BagOChips can tear apart the boy apart.
    THAT said, #3: Eli doesn’t take hits well…

    Eli torches the D 2ndary, the D front 7 lights up Eli, T.O. comes up big, Dallas squeeks out a losable slugfest. OVER 47 = $.

  4. Giants ( Sorry Guys)




  5. Cowboys/Giants = losable slugfest! In WITTEN we trust! 😉

  6. i take all the right side sir…..


  8. Straight underdogs (Cept Dallas)

    All in BABY!!!!

  9. Gonna break the bank that way buddy!!! Glad you already bought that new TV!!! I like Jacksonvilles chances this weekend.. and Im pondering changing my pick on that game!!

  10. And the winners are:


    Green Bay

    New England


  11. Cowboys


    Jaguars *(this pick is just because i am tired of the damn Patriots, LOL)


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