White Sunday In Dallas?


So it seems that the Dallas Cowboys are calling for “White Out” conditions for this Sunday’s game against the Giants.. Why couldn’t it be a blue out?? I don’t own a white Cowboys jersey!!  Looks like there will be a trip to the a Cowboys shop in the next few days to find a white jersey.. *shakes head*.. LD you got any white in your closet??


6 Responses

  1. Maybe it’ll snow, and no one will notice!


  2. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight… And were not gonna drink at the game either 😉

  3. i don’t own a white jersey because it makes me look fat, huge, horrible looking, like the freaking stay puffed marshmellow man….i own a blue bc it makes me look slim.

    i will be sporrting my roy williams (THAT’S RIGHT ROY WILLIAMS!!!) blue jersey!

  4. I think it might be a blue day for you Dallas fans, Romo is going to be exhausted after spending all that time with Jessica…. Hell I ain’t mad at him, I’d be on that like Oprah on a bucket of chicken..

    Good luck though… I picked Dallas.

  5. WOW!!! Great comparison Robert!!! Oprah *ROFLMAO* I think we will be ok.. Its going to be a tight game.. but I feel confident we will eek out the win.. Im gonna be looking for that airhead while Im at the game!!! *Mental Note, bring binoculars*

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