Best Football Commercial This Season?

Unfortunately the end of the football season is almost upon us.. Looking back, there have been some pretty good commercials so far this year.. and its not even Superbowl time yet! So which is your favorite? Lets have some fun shall we? Leave a comment.. cast your vote!

I have actually had this conversation with Lajitas! Course neither of us were singing Peytons praises!

Here is the classic Subway one.. How many times have you been watching a game.. and wish the ref would have said this??

How about this one? Ever wanted to take out some frustration on the sleds? Looks easier then it actually is huh?

Think your one of the Manning brothers? Yeah your probably more like Eli!

Ready for the halftime adjustment? Probably not!

And last but not least.. The King of Football Commercials.. The funniest Peyton commercial..

There you go.. I gave you 6 to pick from.. cast your vote 🙂


8 Responses

  1. my vote is for the one where the football guy goes to get his arm looked at and the other guy next to him falls out…now that is hillarious….ROFLMAO!!!!

  2. Ya know, you have some very good commercials to choose from. But I’m gonna have to with the Gnome Football one! Pure Greatness!! 😉

  3. I guess if it’s between these, I’ll take the “I totally blew that call”

    My favorite is the Bud light commercial the one where the ref tackles the QB for Bud light

  4. Definitely, the Ref admitting that he blew it. It’s more like life.

  5. Good call Robert.. I can’t believe I forgot that one!

  6. i think this was ther commercial of 2007

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