Packing Up and Moving!!

Ok so.. as I wrote you this morning.. The Corner is now a website! A few things I need to say

1. THANK YOU for all your support.. with out you guys and girls.. we would just be babbling idiots with a piece of the Internet! Well ok.. we still are babbling idiots even thou we have a website.. but you guys and girls are great! and much appreciated!

2. If you have The Corner either linked to your blog, or set as a favorite.. PLEASE make sure you change the address to

3. If there is anything you want to comment on.. please do it on the website.. Even thou she aint much to look at right now, and is still under construction.. The comments will not transfer from wordpress to the website!

We are still trying to figure out how to get the youtube commercials to show on the website.. so I will be making a post on the website.. so you can still cast your votes..

Once again thank you guys very very much! Now I must go back to work!


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