Ready For The Game


I can honestly say, “I’m ready for this game”!  Not only because I have tickets to the game.. but I’m tired of hearing about Tony Romo and Jason Wittens trip to Mexico! I’m tired of hearing about that air head Jessica Simpson.. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly any of that has to do with football.. Oh yeah that’s right.. it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with football!

If the Cowboys go out and lose this game.. it will not be because of a trip to Mexico.. it will be because they got beat on the field.. plain and simple.. I realize the media needs something to talk about.. but hey guys.. there is a GAME to talk about.. Talk about the fact that this is the first time in franchise history these two teams will meet in the post season.. Talk about how it will effect the offensive game plan if T.O. can not play tomorrow.. Talk about how our defense is going to handle Brandon Jacobs! These are the things I, as a fan am interested in.. If I wanted to know about how Tony Romo spent his bye weekend in Mexico.. I would tune into Access Hollywood.. or E! Please stop boring me with these trivial facts.. and lets talk football!!!

Now in request of Jerry Jones, for there to be a “white out” tomorrow at the game.. I have added a white Marion Barber jersey to my collection.. Now anyone that knows me will find this extremely funny.. because I DO NOT wear white at all! So they all know this will be a one time wear.. unless its around the house on game day! My normal jersey of choice during football season is my Thanksgiving day throwback Witten jersey!



5 Responses

  1. I don’t think it was a big deal for Romo to go to Mexico. I’m pretty sure that he is prepared for this game. I’m going for the Cowboys to win, mostly because I don’t like the Giants and Eli Manning. Jacobs is going to be tough to stop. He had a pretty good game against the Bucs. Should be a great game. Can’t wait to watch it, although I wish I had tickets like you.

  2. Im with you Marquis.. I could care less what the players do with thier off time.. unless they are beating up one legged hookers in Japan.. or some other illegal acts.. I could really care less! Players need down time.. especially after a long regular season.. Its going to be a great game!!!

  3. Well Jason if it was me in Romo’s shoes FOOTBALL wouldn’t be a high priority, that Jessica is one hot version of female perfection and I for one wouldn’t blame him if he is too exhausted to throw a pass at all…..LOL

    I think the media is looking for something to latch on too other than football, most of the sports writers have a clue and don’t really care about the Jessica train, it’s the small sampling of aspiring writers that are looking for a story…

    Good luck at the game and enjoy a few adult beverages…

  4. Yeah I know you wouldnt mind if Romo was to tired to play Robert! Im looking forward to the $7 beers.. *looks around for the flask*

  5. LOL, Well I went OFER today, I did take Dallas though Jason so if they let me down I’ll have to have a talk with Jessica.

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