You Think They Are Serious?


This was sent to me by Ol’ Broad this morning.. She found it while doing her normal morning blog reads.. These are some serious Cheese Heads here! This is from the email she sent me this morning!

“If you want to know how obsessive Packer fans are, try thinking about going out and shoveling snow….and waiting in line to do it!  HEH!”

I can only imagine what the scene is going to be like outside Texas Stadium tomorrow!! Fortunately we won’t have to shovel snow!!

This picture was provided by Badger Blogger.. He also has a live post/comment section going as we speak.. so if your watching the Seachickens get the “red ass” Brett Favre beatdown.. then stop by and leave a comment!!!

favre-driver-08.jpg Hey Bruce.. I want one of these pictures too!! Be kinda cool to hang up in the sports bar 😉


2 Responses

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  2. Well, I think under the circumstances, we’d probably be happy to send you one. 😉


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