A Softer T.O.?

I have been asked off and on all day my thoughts on T.O.’s post game interview with the media.. Perfect post material if you ask me… so here goes! Yes on the surface it would seem abit “Brokeback-ish” the way T.O. broke down in tears when speaking about Tony Romo.. I gotta tell you.. T.O. scored some major points with me last night.. not because of the game he had.. but because ladies and gentlemen.. T.O. finally gets it! He finally understand the concept of a team.. and what it means to stick up for your teammates. T.O. has been a media circus every stop through out his career.. Throwing Jeff Garcia under the bus, making comments to the media about Garcia’s sexuality while with the 49’ers.. In his final year with the Eagles.. Donovan McNabb stayed under the bus..

T.O. has always been out for himself.. very selfish and arrogant.. He is never shy to speak his mind, and tell people how great he is.. so for him to stand up there after a major loss.. and not point fingers, and to break down while speaking about a fellow teammate.. was very shocking to say the least! Telling the media that blaming Romo for the loss was not fair.. and then to say they lost as a TEAM.. I’m very impressed!  Add this to the fact that for the most part.. T.O. has been pretty well behaved this year.. Complimenting his teammates, coaches, and the owner.. Never really having a bad thing to say about anyone after a loss.. accepting his part in each loss speaks volumes..

As I said.. ladies and gentlemen.. I think T.O. finally understand the concept of what a team really is!


7 Responses

  1. With all due respect, I read it completely differently. T.O. is mentally unstable. He will never grasp the concept of a team concept. My prediction is that he’s just warming the bus up to roll over Tony Romo next year. T.O. has never managed to stay happy long and I think you can count on him to help short circuit the Wade Phillips regime before too long.

    Never, ever, doubt how disruptive T.O. can be either on or OFF the field.

  2. Well as a Dallas fan.. I hope the bus stays parked.. lol..

    Thanks for the comment.. like your site 🙂

  3. the pessimistic side of me says he did that for $$$.

    t.o. is entering the last year of his contract… the hold out didn’t go his way last time… this may be his next attempt at getting another payday. honestly, i wouldn’t mind adding 2 years onto his deal though.

  4. Methinks liverdamage may be on to the real deal here. I was going to ask it T.O.’s contract was up, or if he was trying to renegotiate it. Sorry, just can’t fully get behind the idea that he has finally gotten it. It’s a nice thought, but the guy has too much history that says otherwise.

  5. The way T.O.’s contract is structured.. he is year to year anyway.. Jerry Jones can cut ties with T.O. at the end of each season.. He gets $3 million a season, and a $5 million dollar roster bonus at the begining of each season.. Im with LD.. I wouldnt mind bring him back for a few more seasons.. depending on what it does to the Cowboys salary.. because lets face it.. Jerry Jones needs to spend some money at other positions..

  6. T.O. has been rather hero’esque this year. His attitude has been great. His antics haven’t been as stupid or selfish as normal. I get the feeling he actually likes it here. And, playing for a team like Dallas, with all the mystique that goes with that, may have helped him accept the whole “team” idea. (That, and that Romo really IS good…)

    It probably doesn’t hurt either that Jerry Jones knows how to coddle a star player…

  7. I can’t stand the guy, I remember what he did to Philly, I remember all his antics with McNabb… I DO agree that TO might have finally got it, but it took this??? It took Jessica to inject some more drama????

    TO will have to have at least another season like he had this year, he was quiet, he did his job, he made a good percentage of his catches and he played TEAM ball for the most part. KUDOS for that.

    We’ll see about next year but with TO the train wreck is right around the corner.

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