Is PacMan Jones Gonna Have To Slap A B***H?


So if you watch The Chappelle Show.. then you know where the title of my post came from.. Ok so.. Seems Pacman Jones is in trouble again, for assaulting a woman again, in a strip club after hours, again.. Refresh my memory, Isn’t Pacman serving a season long suspension for his off field issues? Didn’t Pacman go on Real Sports with Brian Gumble and basically deny all charges that led to him being put on a season  long suspension? Ok.. just wanted to make sure my memory was correct!

Pacman had the nerve to walk into Roger Goodell’s office in November  and ask to be reinstated? Must have smoked a blunt with Michael Vick on the way over to Goodell’s office.. Pacman also has stated in previous comments to the media that..

I think I did enough. I did pretty much everything Mr. Goodell asked me to do. So, all I can do is just wait and go back to speak with him,” Jones said in an interview in Sunday’s editions of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Apparently Pacman is still clueless! I don’t think being in a strip club, especially after all the problems you have had in the past with strip clubs, smakin strippers around is going to do alot to help your cause in getting reinstated! If I were Titans.. I might start looking for a way out of Pacmans contract.. Its only obvious that playing football in the NFL is not a top priority of Pacman Jones.. Pacman may have great abilities and a player.. but he is NOT worth the headache!

*EDIT* The accuser has dropped charges against Pacman Jones.. Perhaps the mighty dollar speaks louder then being assaulted!


6 Responses

  1. Whoa, hoss, hold up!! Read a little closer and you’ll find that he didn’t slap stripper!! Oh no!! He slapped a woman lawyer who was there to talk to someone she was representing in a divorce case! Evidently, he and his thugs started a ruckus and she stepped into the hall to see what was going on. He reached around someone to dot her eye!Ooops, sorry ma’am, I was trying to bitch slap this other bitch!! The female lawyer is asking for an assault and battery warrant to be out out for Pacman. Might ought to check who you are slapping before you draw your hand back there, Ace!!

  2. I missed that part.. sorry.. I assumed it was a stripper! lol I adjusted the post.. Thank you sir 🙂

  3. going to a strip club… an important decision:

    Pro: BYOB
    Con: Door fee/ice fee

    Pro: Boobies
    Con: Future wife angry at listing the prior “Pro”

    Pro: Big screen TVs for PPV Sports (much cheaper)
    Con: TVs are usually far away

    Pro: Acting like a drunken fool
    Con: Bouncers

    Pro: buffet
    Con: Eating said buffet with random peoples’ exposed genitals in the area

    Pro: hangin out with some buddies
    Con: sitting next to the creepy guy without any buddies

    Pro: Funny sounding DJ, presenting humorous fake names
    Con: Generally terrible tunes

    Pro: Clean restrooms… attendant making sure “nothing is happening”
    Con: “nothing happening” guy feels entitled to 1$ because he handed you a papertowel before you could grab one.

    Pro: Get to see famous people from time to time
    Con: One of the famous people happens to be Pacman… you get beat up and/or shot by Pacman’s posse because you happened to be getting a dance at that time

    Edge goes to “Con” if just for the Pacman Factor… seriously, what do you do if you see him and 5 of his posse stroll into the place?!? I’m thinking run under tables to the nearest fire exit.

  4. When attending a strip club on a night that Pac Man might pay a visit, it is advised to carry your .50 Desert Eagle, and wear a really hip looking Kevlar vest. Oh, and night vision goggles disguised as Bootsy Collins shades might come in handy when the lights get shot out.

  5. *looks for really hip looking Kevlar Vest* LD said it best when we talked about the possible addition of Pacman to the Cowboys roster.. LD was opposed to this because of a few diffrent reasons.. including Dallas has some really good strip clubs that he might now be able to attend anymore, for fear of getting shot by Pacman or a member of his posse!

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