Rumor Has It!


1310 The Ticket, the Cowboys official radio network is reporting this morning that Jerry Jones has informed Wade Phillips that Jason Garrett will return to the Cowboys  next season as the offensive coordinator. Anyone wonder how much money this is going to cost Jones?? Ill update the post as more information becomes available..

*Edit* Jason Garrett is staying in Dallas, Its reported keeping Garrett in Dallas is going to cost Jerry Jones around $3 Million a year. Garrett will remain the offensive coordinator, and has been given the asst. head coach title.. Wade Phillips will remain the head coach next season


7 Responses

  1. Has JJ informed Wade that Wade will be coming back????

  2. Last I head on Monday Wade would be back..

  3. well thats good news

  4. Yeah Im glad to see him come back.. Now we have to worry about loosing 4 other coaches to the big Tuna! Bob and Dan brought up an interesting point today.. Everyone bitched about working under the Tuna.. but yet everyone is running back to work for him.. Kinda funny!

  5. You guys are down there in the Big D…I’m interested to hear your thoughts on how long it will be before Garrett becomes the head coach. It appears that this deal was a “you’re guaranteed to be the coach in a few years” sort of deal…at least seeing as how Phillips and Garrett are separated by only 250K in salary.

  6. 2 years max… jerry is being jerry about “finding” garrett so it’ll likely be end of ’08

    all my speculation here: once parcells finishes raiding the cowboys pantry, they’ll start assembling “garrett’s staff”… by that i mean wade won’t have much of a say, and the choice will be made for garrett via jerry.

  7. I agree LD.. 2 years at most.. UNLESS The boys have another flop in the post season next year, or worse dont make the post season at all..

    The Dallas media keeps saying that there is no friction between Wade and Garrett.. lets hope that carries over to next season..

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