18 Days Late!

So as some of you may already know by reading his comments.. My buddy Johnnie is a huge Missouri fan.  So when I acquired tickets to the Cotton Bowl on New Years Day.. who else would I take with me? I still remember the phone call to Johnnie where he was informed that he was going to see his beloved Mizzu!  The day before the game, I broke my cell phone and had to replace it, with a Blackberry of course.. So today I finally got around to loading the software on my computer.. and was able to pull a couple of pictures from the game off my phone.. Now how I forgot to take pictures of us at the game is beyond me.. Enjoy 😉




4 Responses

  1. Cool Pics..
    Ok Ready:
    Bets are down, and I didn’t go all in (close but covered)

    I scattered cash all over the board, didn’t go for the jugular:
    Best case scenario:
    NYG wins
    SD wins
    even in the worst case I won’t break the bank, but somewhere in the middle I can get new tires for my truck….
    Best case I get a new truck LMAO…. some times you gotta say WTF

  2. Man good luck Robert! If you hit on both underdogs.. You deserve a new truck!!! 🙂

  3. Well Now I’m hoping not to have to visit the pawn shop LOL

  4. You might not have to visit the pawnshop just yet buddy.. Giants and the refs are making this a close game 😉

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