Is Your Popcorn Ready?


Sorry.. just had to use the popcorn question just one more time this season..

Chargers @ Patriots  Kickoff is at 2:00

Giants @ Packers Kickoff is at 5:30

This in from the weather channel.. -9 degrees at Lambeau field.. Perfect weather conditions for some football!!


6 Responses

  1. Pfft! With all this global warming goin’ on, I’m surprised folks aren’t melting.

    YOU go out there and play football, or anything else at nine below! LMAO

  2. If I could I would.. No way in HELL that I would be out there without long sleeves!

  3. -9 would mess up my hair

  4. what’s sad this will be the 1st super bowl that i’m going to miss in over 10 years. fuck the ny giants and fuck the pats…..i predict this will be the lowest tv rating. this is a sad day for football…

  5. 50/50 Sorry e…
    I kind of agree with WB, it might be a low rated SB, but it just might be a good one…. rematch of the last game of the season, NYG is playing well and they are scrappy.. I like scrappy.

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