Brady Gimpy?


This video would have us believe that Tom Brady is hurt the morning after the AFC Championship game. Seems the MVP, Superbowl bound quarterback was spotted wearing a walking boot.. You know the media is now claiming the Giants have a chance.. *shakes head* And so it begins!!


3 Responses

  1. Oh Cool, Dropping a couple of G’s on NYG to win by 30!!!

    Man the hype is going to have to be really thick for the next 2 weeks to get anyone to watch this game…well I will watch, but I won’t like it, well Ok, I’ll like it because I’ll be drinking… So yeah I’m looking forward to the game.

  2. You get that crazy, and you WILL be visiting the pawnshop the very next day buddy!

    I agree with your point about the media hype to drum up interest in this game. Ill watch it for 2 reasons

    A. I will have a nice bottle of Jameson on hand.

    B. I run a sports site.. I kinda have to watch it to write a post about it either that night, or the next morning!

  3. I thought the Giants had a chance before this…

    Of course, I was also one of the people to warn everyone to watch out for Eli when they came here to play us in the playoffs. (That so sucked…)

    I was hoping for Green Bay, too, but I had a bad feeling about it…

    I’ve been saying for most of the second half of the season: Beware the Giants…

    Of course…the Pats will probably win this one.

    I figure that mainly because I actually WANT the Giants to win THIS time.

    I never seem to get what I want in the playoffs…

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