The Corner Not Good Enough?

I know its not sports related.. but I thought you guys would find this funny. So the corner is new to the scene so to speak.. Been around 5 months or so. Were not quite as established as say Ol Broad or Silent E, but I thought we were doing pretty well. Apparently not! While reading Sports Business Digest the other night, I noticed he has this “Blog Rush” live ticker style thing on his site, it has a live feed feature to update when people post something new on their site. I thought it was pretty cool so I click on it and submitted the corner for review. Now I have been through this process before with other various blog directories I have registered for. I got a email from Blog Rush today saying we had been DENIED! Apparently the corner is not good enough to be listed with them.. Were not supposed to take this personally according to the email.. Now after reading all this.. you knew the email was going to be posted!

 YAHOO.Shortcuts.hasSensitiveText</span> = false; YAHOO.Shortcuts.<span>sensitivityType</span> = []; YAHOO.Shortcuts.<span>doUlt</span> = false; YAHOO.Shortcuts.location = "us"; YAHOO.Shortcuts.<span>lang</span> = "us"; YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_id = 0; YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_type = ""; YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_title = ""; YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_publish_date = ""; YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_author = ""; YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_<span>url</span> = ""; YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_tags = ""; YAHOO.Shortcuts.<span>annotationSet</span> = { "<span>lw</span>_1201063239_0": { "text": "http://www.<span>ickscorner</span>.com/<span>wordpress</span>", "extended": 0, "<span>startchar</span>": 87, "<span>endchar</span>": 121, "start": 87, "end": 121, "<span>extendedFrom</span>": "", "<span>predictedCategory</span>": "", "<span>predictionProbability</span>": "0", "weight": 1, "type": ["shortcuts:/us/instance/identifier/URL"], "category": ["IDENTIFIER"], "context": "reviewed your blog <span>Icks</span> Corner http://www.<span>ickscorner</span>.com/<span>wordpress</span> And your blog did not" }, "<span>lw</span>_1201063239_1": { "text": "http://www.<span>blogrush</span>.com/terms", "extended": 0, "<span>startchar</span>": 579, "<span>endchar</span>": 607, "start": 579, "end": 607, "<span>extendedFrom</span>": "", "<span>predictedCategory</span>": "", "<span>predictionProbability</span>": "0", "weight": 1, "type": ["shortcuts:/us/instance/identifier/URL"], "category": ["IDENTIFIER"], "context": "our Terms Of Service agreement http://www.<span>blogrush</span>.com/terms If you improve the quality" } };  YAHOO.Shortcuts.<span>overlaySpaceId</span> = "97546169";  YAHOO.Shortcuts.<span>hostSpaceId</span> = "97546168"; </span>

This message is to inform you that
we have carefully reviewed your blog:

Icks Corner

And your blog did not meet the
strict BlogRush quality criteria.

Reason Your Blog Wasn't Approved:
Not Enough Posts <--------------- Are you kidding me? 515 in less then 5 months?? Riiiiiiight!

Therefore, your blog has not
been approved for use in our

Please do not take this decision
personally.  We have decided to
only approve the highest quality
blogs for our network.

You should remove the BlogRush
code from your blog's pages.

Our Quality Guidelines and
criteria are listed within our
Terms Of Service agreement:

If you improve the quality of
your blog, and you feel that
it then meets our strict criteria,
you can try and resubmit your
blog for review after 30 days --
anytime on or after this date:

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thank you for your interest
in BlogRush.

Best Regards,

The BlogRush Team
*Shakes Head*


5 Responses

  1. “If you improve the quality of your blog” I’m a Sooner fan too but c’mon! Nice blog, man. To hell with them.

  2. Thanks Bug.. One of my best friends is a Sooner fan!! Its all good πŸ™‚

  3. Perhaps if you put pictures of semi nekkid wimins here and there, they would find it acceptable? Pfft! Dickheads!

  4. After reading the “Quality Criteria” on the Blog Rush website.. I do not think nekkid wimins would help my cause much.. But I do like your line of thinking!!! πŸ˜‰

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