18 Worst Chokes In Sports History



Having an outstanding regular season can make your fans extremely happy. It can start the talk of championships very quickly. Your team makes the playoffs, only to make an EXTREMELY quick exit.. Most fans would classify this as a *Choke* Here in Dallas we know about this all to well.. The Mavericks and Stars made a first round exit last year in the playoffs. To be followed by the latest choke sighting, The Dallas Cowboys with a 13-3 regular season record, homefield advantage, and a 1st round bye.. get bounced in the playoffs by the Giants.. I know Cowboy fans, the wounds are still fresh.. Please accept my most sincere apologies for rehashing this painful subject.. This is a list of the top 18 playoff chokes in sports history. Measured on a scale of 1-5 Marty Schottenheimer heads, I guess they felt with his 5-13 playoff record.. He would be the best person to represent what a choke truly is in the playoffs!

*Mavs fans.. We made the list*


3 Responses

  1. There will never be a choke with the magnitude of the Houston Oilers second half disappearance in Buffalo in the ’93 playoff game. To go in at half time with a 25 point lead that grew to 32 points with just 2+ minutes gone in the 3rd quarter, then lose the game to a backup quarterback, is almost incomprehensible. I still wonder why Bud Adams let them fly home on the team charter!!

  2. I was really really surprised that game was not on the list Lajitas.. I agree.. If I were Bud Adams, I would have told them to stick the thumb out and hitch it back to Houston!!

  3. thanks for that memory

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