Your “No Sh*t” Story Of The Day!



So if your Jerry Jones, and your looking over your depth chart at wide receiver and you see the following..


Patrick Crayton

Miles Austin

Sam Hurd

Terry Glenn


How would you feel about a chance at a Superbowl run next year? Chances are not real good.. Austin and Hurd are unproven.. Patrick Crayton has to much mouth, and no skins on the wall.. and Terry Glenn just missed 15 games due to knee surgery!   What do you do? Obviously you pick up T.O.’s roster bonus and bring him back for next season.  T.O. finished the season with 81 Receptions for 1355 yards with 15 Touchdowns.. Fairly productive year right?  So why not bring him back?  Most Cowboys fans, myself included never had a doubt that T.O. would be back. Is he a long term answer? At 33, Not even close. The Cowboys need to use the time that T.O. is in Dallas.. to make a serious run at the Superbowl, and figure out what they have at wide receiver.




2 Responses

  1. I heard Terry Glenn is done. He is going to have surgery again, and will be out all of 2008. Good thing you locked up Patrick Crayton. lol

  2. I had not heard if Glenn was going to have surgery again in the offseason.. and thanks for reminding me about Crayton!! *shakes head*

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