Are You Serious?



Barry Bonds is asking the judge to drop the indictments that came from him lying in court??

“In the motion filed in San Francisco federal court, the former Giant neither admits nor denies taking the drugs but argues the questions asked by prosecutors during Bonds’ December 2003 grand jury appearance were vague, ambiguous and confusing.

The lawyers said “the questions posed to him by two different prosecutors were frequently imprecise, redundant, overlapping and frequently compound.”

Prosecutors asked Bonds several times whether personal trainer Greg Anderson supplied him with steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs beginning in 2000. Bonds answered “no” or “not at all,” but his lawyers argued the questions were not clear.”

So let me get this straight, A direct question about your trainer giving you steroids or performance enhancing drugs confused you? How? You also want the charges dropped because 2 different prosecutors asked you a series of question you felt redundant? Yeah I could see how being asked several times about your OBVIOUS use of steroids would get old! *Shakes Head* I’m really glad the article later goes on to say these charges are rarely dropped! I hope they slam dunk Barry Bonds in court!


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  1. […] Barry Bonds is looking to drop the indictments against him, claiming that the questions were misleading and hard to understand.  That sounds vaguely like R. Kelly’s “digital defense” (congrats on the new site Jason!). (via Ick’s Corner) […]

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