I must have missed something.. Jeff Garcia is replacing Brett Favre in the Pro Bowl? Why? I must get to the bottom of this one.. I will have to rely on my trusty Packers informant, Silent E!




9 Responses

  1. Yeah…. They’re calling it an ankle injury. I’m calling it smart veteran QB

  2. He was never going to attend that game anyway. Why play in a pro bowl, when his favorite off season game is will he or won’t he come back

  3. Hopefully he does not drag out the decision as he did last season.. Either your coming back because you have a good young team around you.. or your handing the team over to Rogers.. and you retire a God in Wisconsin!

  4. He said the decision process would not be like that in past years. He promised it would be quick….. We’ll see.

  5. Anything short of SEVERAL months like last season would count as quick!! 😉

  6. maybe he didnt wanna throw a pick in overtime to lose the game for the nfc

  7. WOW!! Way to pour salt in an already open wound there Frank!!! 😉

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