Revenge Of The Mullet!


In case you were wondering about the *state of the mullet* its alive and well, trust me on this one. So as most of you know, sports is a passion in my life, what most of you don’t know, music is another one. Tuesday I get the call from Richie Rich aka White Beaner to inquire about my plans for Saturday night.. I had no plans that I was aware of.. Now keeping in mind that music is a passion in life, when asked if I wanted to go see Van Halen, with none other then David Lee Roth as the front man, I was all in! I have seen Van Halen, Van-Hagar, and David Lee Roth on his solo tour.. but never Van-Roth.. This was gonna rock! img00024.jpg

When we arrived at the A.A.C. we found ourselves surrounded by mullets. All but one type of mullet was spotted last night. No hockey mullets were spotted, Im sad to say. We had the old man mullet, the ponytail mullet, the skullet, the 80’s burnout mullet, the widowpeak mullet, and we even found people walking around in the mullet wig! Billy Ray Cyrus would have been proud! Richie Rich and I found ourselves playing the *rate the mullet game* It almost felt like someone had activated the *mullet signal* over the A.A.C* like the commissioner of Gotham would activate the bat signal!


Now on to the show.. Dallas fans were in for a treat last night, it was Eddie Van Halen’s birthday.. So you knew the show was gonna rock! I gotta say.. David Lee Roth may not be able to *jump kick* as high as he used to, he may not be able to hit the same high notes.. but man he is still one great front man! Very energetic, and just as flashy and flamboyant as ever! We were even treated to Wolfgan Van Halen on the bass, for those of you who may not know who this is.. This is Eddie’s 16 year old son, who is touring with them! While his vocals are abit lacking, his abilities on bass leave NOTHING to be desired.. He was very well accepted by the crowd, and received major praise from Roth.. We were treated to all the classics, and a few even Richie Rich and I were shocked we heard! All and all great times, and I find myself wanting to try and secure tickets for the show in march! Please enjoy the pictures below from the show.. I apologize for the quality.. they were taken from the blackberry..










Not the flashiest show I have ever been to, but when you been doing this 30+ years, and have the skins on the wall, you don’t need flash! You need some instruments, and the songs! I have seen close to 250 shows over the years, form major venues, to hole in the wall bars.. Bands from Kiss *full makeup*, Rush, Pink Floyd *minus Roger* Roger Waters, and everyone in between.. Gotta say.. This show ranked in the top 25 shows Ive ever seen! If your a fan, and Van Halen is coming to a town near you.. Do yourself a favor.. spend a few bucks, and go spend an evening with Van Halen


Now if you will excuse me.. I have to go get ready to head back down to the A.A.C for the Mavericks/Nuggets game tonight.. Better pictures to follow, as I can actually take my camera in. Busy weekend around the corner!


6 Responses

  1. DAYUM! And here I thought the only place anyone wore that gawdawful hairstyle was rural TN.

  2. Not so much Ol Broad.. They were running wild in Dallas last night! *shakes head*

  3. the old man mullet = the “i’m too old to have a mullet” mullet.. 🙂

  4. No one should ever have a mullet!! 😉

  5. the comb-over mullet rocked my world man!

  6. Damn! Good point.. I forgot about that one..

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