Don’t Do It Jerry!


Bill, buddy, haven’t you taken enough from the Cowboys pantry here? Latest rumor in Cowboy land, other then the fact that Romo and Simpson were spotted together singing Karaoke.. *WHO THE F**K Cares*Is there could be a trade between the Cowboys and the Dolphins in the works to give the Cowboys a chance to pick up Darren McFadden.

Here a few months back I did write a post expressing my interest in this possibility. Mainly fueled by frustration with Julius Jones I felt, and still feel McFadden would be a nice addition to Marion Barber in the backfield. Here is where the rumor comes into play. Marion Barber, the #22 pick(from Cleveland) and the #28 pick (Cowboys) would be given up to the Dolphins to in this deal. If this is the only way to get this deal done.. TAKE IT OFF THE TABLE JERRY!

I realize that in this day and age, a fan can’t be married to a player anymore because they could be traded at a moments notice. It’s a rare and dying breed that only has one team on his resume during his career with free agency, and multi million dollar contracts out there these days. Marion Barber is a rare breed of runner thou, he looks for contact, and is not afraid to take a hit. He rushed for 975 yards on a part time basis! Parcels drafted him, and now he wants him back! Then you factor in your giving up 2 first round draft picks, when you are in desperate need at other positions This trade stinks!

Sure Darren McFadden is an elite college player.. With alot of talent, So was Rex Grossman! Point being, after careful thought on this, *selling the farm to get McFadden theory* its a huge mistake.. It not only takes away draft picks, but it eats up valuable cap room. If your in the market for a running back.. You can find plenty in this years draft, Use some of what Bill taught you Jerry, use your picks wisely! If Jamal Charles from Texas is on the board at #22, or #28.. take him.. he is just about as fast as McFadden, he rushed for 200 yards less, with less carries this year. Jamal Charles was not the only offensive weapon Texas had, as McFadden was about all Arkansas had this season.

Cowboy fans, Keep your fingers crossed, this rumor stays a rumor!


4 Responses

  1. Not to change the subject of a trade, but what in the world is JJ bringing back Dave Campos for?!! He’s already roamed the sidelines with the “can someone please explain what just happened” look on his face in Dallas! Is JJ looking for another scapegoat to blame if the team fails again under Jason Garrett (oh, sorry Wade, forgot about you for a second!)?? If he is, he picked a good one! At least he was last time. Jeeez, what a show. Is Ladd Herzog involved in this team now?

  2. Campo coming back to be the secondary coach is not the worst thing that could happen to the Cowboys.. He did a very nice job in Jacksonville, and Cleveland with the defense.. and last time I checked our secondary can use all the help it could get!!!

  3. Yeah why would you sell the farm for just one running back?? This year’s draft is full of quality RBs – why not keep your draft picks for one of them. Course, I think Ick is secretly hoping that Charles will be on the board at #22 (one more ‘horn in Dallas). I’d hate to see Barber go to Miami, but wouldn’t mind seeing McFadden here. Quite the conundrum there! 😉

  4. We can’t sell the farm for McFadden.. Barber leaving is not an option.. as far as this Cowboys fan is concerned.. Plus you have to keep something in mind.. This Cowboys team went 13-3 and won the division.. You don’t want to change to much, you run the risk of messing with the chemistry this team had for atleast 11 games of the season..

    Yes I am hoping Charles is still on the board! Charles is a speedster that can break off an 80 yard run with little effort. He would compliment Barber quite well!

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