Goodell Vs Specter Round One


Roger Goodell aka *The Law* of the NFL is now being requested to meet with Senator Specter to provide answers as to why he had the Patriots *spygate* tapes destroyed. For those of you who don’t know the story.. let me provide a real quick overview.. Patriots get caught videotaping opposing teams sidelines, Jets file complaint with the NFL, Roger Goodell hands down a $500,000 to Coach Belichick, also strips the Patriots of a first round draft pick, or their second and third round pick, to be determined pending upon how they finish the season.

Now 2 problems with this punishment..

A. The chances Coach Belichick paid this fine himself, are slim and none.

B. The Patriots are stacked at every position, so the lost of a draft pick means nothing to them. Also look back over the last 5 years, how many of the Patriots draft picks actually make the team, much less start. Once again.. not that big a deal!

*raises hand to be recognized by the court* Yes Mr Specter sir.. Mr Goodell apologizes for not being able to make this meeting personally, he sent me in his place. This office had the “several years worth of tapes confiscated from the Patriots destroyed for one simple reason. We had no interest in investigating the rest of the league for doing the same thing, and wanted to sweep this matter under the rug as soon as possible. Our office felt it be in the leagues best interest to just hand down a fine, and destroy the tapes. We felt with all the talks about trying to expand the NFL worldwide, and expand the markets.. It would be best to keep this matter as quiet as possible. We send our sincerest apology to you and the others you represent. It wont happen again. You have our word *wink*


2 Responses

  1. If Philly had beaten the Pats in the Super Bowl, would Specter even care about this? His largest contributer lost a bunch in this deal, and that’s what has his panties in a wad. I wish he cared as much about illegal aliens or social security. Quit wasting taxpayers money on this shit and fix America!!

  2. Wow Lajitas.. tell us how you really feel! 😉

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