SuperBowl Talk



In case you guys were wondering if I was going to do picks for the Superbowl. Wonder no more.. This is as close as were getting to one. Most of you guys are probably leaning towards the Patriots, so I’m going to pick the Giants to pull off the biggest upset in Superbowl history! Atleast I’m hoping for that.. To avoid the media beatdown that will result in a Patriots 19-0 season! What are you guys thoughts on this weekends Superbowl??

For your enjoyment.. Who the stars think will win the Superbowl


2 Responses

  1. I’m going to have to go with the NY Giants as well. I’m so over hearing Tom Brady-this or Belichick-that, that when the Patriots’ logo is flashed on ESPN, I have to change the channel or hit the mute button! I’m hoping that the 18-0 Pats become the first collapse of 2008! 🙂

  2. *Stands Up And Cheers* I’m not the only one that is getting sick to my stomach over the media beating surrounding the Patriots!!! DAMN YOU TOM BRADY!!! While I thank you for getting me 800 fantasy points this year, and helping me win my fantasy league.. I’m tired of hearing about how GREAT you are.. *looks for trash can to hurl in*!!!! GO GIANTS!!!!

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