The Devil Owns My Beloved Cowboys!

Scott Mangan - Jerry Jones

When the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas city counsel could not come to agreement on the details of the new stadium, to bring the DALLAS Cowboys back to DALLAS.. we were bummed! After the latest investigation into the terms of the deal that Arlington residents voted on to bring the new stadium out there.. all I can say is THANK GOD! *Passes Arlington residents the lube, and I hope you guys atleast got kissed, because you guys are getting *F****D*!!

Jerry Jones has not only figured out how to make hundreds of millions of dollars off this new stadium.. he is systematically taking the fans out of Cowboys Football! With his *Personal Seating Licenses* ranging from $16,000 to $150,000, parking prices, and lets not even get started on the ticket prices.. I personally will NEVER be able to afford to go to a Cowboys game after they move next season. *looks for loose change to buy season tickets next season*. I am not alone.. Other fans I have talked to have already told me even if they could afford to go to the new stadium, they wouldn’t! Liverdamage and I have been talking about possible new names for the stadium, and we both were kinda hoping that they would name the new Stadium after Tom Landry… Well we can hang that hope up… With naming rights projected to go in the BILLIONS.. a corporate name is sure to come.

Just so everyone can see what the Arlington Residents, along with their city council voted on, and approved.. I did some digging.. and sure enough I found the Master Agreement between the Cowboys and the City of Arlington.. You know people often comment on how fanatic Green Bay Packer fans are. I have the utmost respect for that organization. Over the years, the FANS have had the control of what happens to the stadium and the team. The waiting list is a mile long for season tickets, and most people who have season tickets.. inherited them.. IF anything like this was to ever happen up in Packer land.. the fans would riot.. and I guarantee any plans would be derailed right then and there!

I’m sure going to miss going to Cowboys games.. but I won’t be able to afford it anymore.. and even if I could I wouldn’t! The last concern I have about this move to the new stadium, will the Cowboys sellout each game so the die hard fans that Jerry screwed will still be able to watch the game! No sellout = BLACKOUT!

Master Agreement between The Cowboys and The City of Arlington

8 Responses

  1. It’s a damn shame that the only people to see the Cowboys in 2009 and on, will those in suits. The tried-and-true, loyal ‘boys fans will be watching, not from inside Field, but from the comforts of the local sports bar or living room. I’m sorry, but isn’t that the point of professional sports – play for the fans?!?! Oh wait I forgot! Enormous salaries, inflated egos, and greedy owners got in the way of “playing for the love of the game”! Hey – Jerry’s only sold 36% of his first 5,000 seats…there’s always hope he will not make his BILLIONS!

    BTW – Google is the next Evil Empire!

  2. Keep in mind, the only way us working class die hard boys fans will be able to watch the game, is if it sells out. My tour guide at Texas Stadium did not like my series of question about what happens IF they don’t sell out.. It went something like this..

    *Same tour the picture for my header was taken*

    Tour Guide: Does anyone have any questions about the new stadium

    Ick: Has Jerry figured out what he is going to do if the games dont sellout, to avoid blackouts?

    Tour Guide: We have sold out 47 consecutive seasons, I doubt it will be a problem..

    Ick: Your also looking at adding 20+ Thousand seats, moving it to Arlington, and increasing ticket prices..

    Tour Guide: You will be able to watch all the games on the Cowboy Network

    Ick: What if you don’t have cable?

    Tour Guide: Everyone has cable sir

    *random older couple* We don’t have cable, does this mean we won’t be able to watch the game?

    Ick: Yeah my grandfather doesn’t have cable either..

    Tour Guide shortly pulls Ick to the side, and asks him not to ask anymore questions!

    Yeah gives me alot of faith in the future of my abilities to watch my beloved Cowboys on TV after next season

  3. Professional sports has been going down this path for a long time. Welp, they lost me as a die hard fan quite a while ago. When the fans start attending the minor league’s games, and actually ENJOYING watching guys playing for the shear love of the game, you might see a bit of a change. But it’s going to take decades…if not a century or two, before the ‘suits’ get the idea. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THEM ANYMORE!

  4. I’ve been telling you about JJ for years. I can’t believe a little money is going to sway your opinion now!! Even Bob McNair is going to have a PR problem in Houston, now that his 5 years of guaranteed sellouts have gone by the wayside. And Kate is right..nobody gives a shit anymore, including the league office. So my advice to you is to occupy your Sunday’s doing something other than watching the Texans on tv (because the Cowgirls are blacked out)….take up golf, or join a travel league. Or take the kids to the park. Just don’t hang your hopes on a tarnished star.

  5. A little money?? Hundreds of Millions of dollars is not a little money! lol.. Also it comes down to the fact the way this whole deal went down.. I would rather hang my hopes on a tarnished star.. rather then an organization that appears like they don’t care about winning *glares at the Texans* 😉

  6. hold on.. hold on… *gasping for air* Did YOUR dad just say MY mom was RIGHT? *scratches chin* interesting very interesting.. (ducks and hides from the inevetible “shakes head”) 😀

  7. Wouldn’t was to disappoint *shakes head*

  8. […] Jason T. Wilson wrote a fantastic post today on “The Devil Owns My Beloved Cowboys!”Here’s ONLY a quick extractWhen the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas city counsel could not come to agreement on the details of the new stadium, to bring the DALLAS Cowboys back to DALLAS.. we were bummed! After the latest investigation into the terms of the deal that … […]

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