Thank You Eli!


After the Giants beat the Packers in the NFC Championship Game.. I told myself, I’m not watching this years Superbowl”, but after watching the highlights form the Patriots/Giants game.. I really thought the Giants had a chance. Couple of plays go the Giants way in week 16.. The Patriots are 15-1..

Ladies and Gentlemen.. Eli Manning is all grown up! I am very impressed with the play of young Eli not just in the Superbowl, but throughout the playoffs. He managed last nights game very well… he made the plays he had to make! When it was all said and done.. I wondered the following..

-Did Eli tell Peyton “Ha Ha I won a Superbowl faster then you did”!!!

-Did Eli tell Dad.. “You sucked, you never even played in a playoff game”

-Did Eli tell a gimpy Shockey, “When you come back this is my team, and you will do as I say! You’ll get the ball when I damn well feel like throwing it to you!! “I’m no longer your b*tch!!

and last but not least

-Did Eli call Tiki and tell him to “SUCK IT”!!!

I also found myself wondering “When did Mercury Morris become the mouth piece for the 72 Dolphins”?

Earlier in the week Plaxico Burress made his 23-17 prediction, Brady asked was Plaxico on defense? and he wished he would have said 45-42, give us more credit for scoring.. Well Tom, seems Plaxico was being generous! What a dominate performance by Michael Strahan and his defense. Sacking Brady 5 times, and knocking him down 18 more times! I found myself cheering and yelling as I was watching a Cowboys game! While watching the postgame show with Chris Berman, Tom Jackson, and Steve Young I was glad to hear they share the same opinion I do… Your 18-1 record, all the records Brady and Moss set, all the other NFL records the Patriots, as a team set mean nothing after not being able to win the Superbowl..

The only one reason I would have liked to see the Patriots win, would have been for Junior Seau.. He has had a remarkable career.. but in this day and age of players careers being validated by the number of championships they have.. When his career is brought up in conversation it will go something like “yeah he was a hell of a player, BUT he doesn’t have a Superbowl ring.. He will face the same “BUT” as Dan Mario.. and thats a shame..

All and all, the Superbowl was not the thud everyone thought it would be.. I enjoyed watching this one more then I have in several years! Ya know, for a coach that is known as one of the greatest game planners in the history of the NFL.. Bill Belichick looked lost, and never seemed to figure out how stop the different blitz packages the Giants were throwing at him..Perhaps if he had his tapes, he would have been able to. To bad Belichick didn’t have the the super spy headphones, where he could have been listening to the defensive coordinator for the Giants!! *Sidenote* Congrats go out to former Texas Longhorn great Aaron Ross on winning a Superbowl in his rookie year, to add to his National Championship ring!!

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  1. I have to say I was really impressed with the New York Giant defense this game. I believe that was the best I have ever seen them play. Probably my favorite thing about the game, though, is after everything that went on with Belichick this year, going 16-0 for the regular season, most people will not remember that since they did not win the Superbowl.

  2. Oh yeah, this was HUGE for the Bushwack financial institution…Finally, I got the underdog pick to hit.

    When the odds makers gave the Pats 12 points, I thought they were nuckin futs. I thought the Pats could win but it was not going to be a blow out, Strahan and Crew were playing too good to let that happen.

    I had a great year at the sportsbook, the regular season was a rollercoaster ride and the Playoffs were exciting.

    Can’t wait till next year bro.

  3. […] Take By silent e Ick chats about yesterdays game and has a few questions for newly crowned Super Bowl MVP, Eli […]

  4. GO BUSHWACK!! Glad to hear your had a good football season (financially) 😉

    I’m already having Football withdraws!!!

    I might actually have to watch the Pro Bowl aka Worthless Bowl to get my football fix!!!

  5. […] Scott Williams wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt… where he could have been listening to the defensive coordinator for the Giants!! *Sidenote* Congrats go out to former Texas Longhorn great Aaron Ross on winning a Superbowl in his rookie year, to add to his National Championship ring!! Read the rest of this great post here […]

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