Patriots Bashed By Their Own


Out of curiosity I started looking around the Boston papers to see what they had to say about the collapse of the Patriots.. It’s nice to see an honest Boston journalist writing a story that paints a not so flattering picture of not only the Patriots, but Bill Belichick. A few things stand out in my mind from the game, that I forgot to mention in the “Thank You Eli” post I wrote yesterday morning.

When the Patriots were faced with 4th and 13, and choose to go for it, rather then attempt a 48 yard field goal.. I thought “Look at this display of arrogance”. You are either hoping for a flag, to give you a automatic first down, or you have zero confidence in your defense. Now you can’t single this one play out as the sole reason the Patriots lost.. but looking back at the score.. It probably wasn’t the smartest move Belichick has ever made.

After the Giants get the ball back on downs with 1 second left on the clock, and knowing the Giants had to take a knee to end the game… as stated in the NFL rule book.. Bill Belichick choose to go find Tom Coughlin, give his half ass congrats I’m sure, and head to the locker room. Some would say the game was over, some would rate this as “A lack of class” I choose to look at this as Karma!

Joe Gibbs watched the Patriots run up the score, watched Bill Belichick pull Tom Brady with 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter.. with the game WELL in hand, only to put Brady back in, after Brady’s back up threw and interception on the next offensive possession of the game. Gibbs also watched Belichick go for it on 4th down, rather then kick the field goal, They convert on 4th down, then eventually score a touchdown. Then when Belichick was asked in the postgame press conference “Why go for it on 4th down, with the game WELL in hand”? Belichick responded with “What were we supposed to do, kick a field goal”? Yeah Bill, you were supposed to kick a field goal.. Have some class.. Put your kicker out on the field, so you know what kind of range he has.. so when you get into a close game you have more confidence in letting him attempt a 48 yard kick.. Instead of going for it on 4th and 13 in the BIGGEST game of your season!

If you ask me.. Karma came back to bite Belichick and the Patriots in the ass! All the games this season where the score was run up, all the 4th down displays of arrogance, all the unnecessary risks you took with your starters.. when games were well in hand.. The Patriots got exactly what they deserved! Watching this Superbowl only demostrated with all the blow outs the Patriots were handing out this season.. they forgot how to pull together as a team, and win a close game. For all your talk over the season about “team effort” You forgot to make the Superbowl a team effort.

Belichick, known for being one of the “greatest game planners” in NFL history couldn’t stop the blitz.. and forgot to factor in his biggest offensive weapon into the game plan. You have Randy Moss.. and forgot he was even on the field. Wes Welker while great, is not your whole offense. Don’t forget that Randy Moss caught 23 touchdowns this season. Don’t just send him out on deep routes, and let him run out of gas… Then expect him to be able to run 4 long routes at the end of the game and be able to “go up and get the ball”. Under normal circumstances Yes we have all seen Randy Moss become a physical receiver, and manhandle defenders to make the catch.. but not if he is out of gas. Don’t use a “deep threat” receiver with speed, and glue like hands as a decoy!

Even though I am a die hard Cowboys fan, I want to thank the Giants for beating the Patriots.. Thank you for saving us all from the media beating that would have followed a Patriots victory. Thank you for reminding Tom Brady that he is human, and the turf hurts when sacked. Most of all.. Thank you for serving Bill Belichick a big slice of HUMBLE PIE!

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