Ryan Express Heads North!



Finally, your Texas Rangers do something smart in the offseason *Stands up and cheers*!! Nolan Ryan is heading back to the Rangers, to become their new President! Sorry Liverdamage, I was pulling for you buddy! While I love this move, because it will put a Hall Of Famer’s face on a failing franchise.. I’m left wondering how much input he will have in scouting, and decisions made where the players are concerned! I must say.. this does make my sports pants happy thou.. Maybe Ryan can slap some sense into Tom Hicks, and make him realize he has to break open the wallet to get some good free agents in here to turn this thing around. And not just the ones that want to use the Rangers as a means to drive up their market value..


10 Responses

  1. I actually highly approve of the move…. that said, because he was a phenomenon as a player doesn’t mean he’s a miracle worker. Don Nelson -THE miracle worker- didn’t do shit until he got an owner that gave a rat’s ass.

    It takes horses AND a cart, ya know?

  2. We will have to see what Tom Hicks is willing to do. Yeah, it is great to put Nolan Ryan in that role, but it still requires Tom Hicks to be on board with his decisions. No matter what, Hicks only sees this as a business, so it will be interesting to see what happens when Ryan gets in there and starts trying to run a sports team.

  3. Point well taken.. Ryan can only do what Hicks allows him to do.. For the time being.. this is a great move!

  4. Jason, it can’t hurt man….LOL
    Maybe Bill Bellicheat is ready for a career move???

  5. Bill Bellicheat can stay in New England! The Rangers have enough problems.. lol

  6. Nolan came up here to talk about real estate, and he walked away club president. It’s all such a bit. Hick’s hired him as a money deal to convince fans to actually care this year…and maybe the next couple, too. I’m sorry, Tom Hicks is an ass of an owner who doesn’t actually care about anything other than the money in his pocket. Nolan’s going to be a token president, and he’s going to LIKE it.

  7. *Golf Clap* I’m glad to hear the Original Ranger Homer say that!

  8. I’m supporting this move less and less as i think about it… especially after hearing the press conference.

    In case you missed it, the press conference went something like this:
    Hicks: We’re excited fans will buy tickets because we have a legend at the helm.
    Ryan: I’m happy with where the Rangers are now.
    Hicks: Our land development in the areas surrounding the stadiums are going nicely
    Ryan: I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the team going forward
    Hicks: Be sure to come for all you can eat hot dog night
    Ryan: Now selling Nolan Ryan Hotdogs!
    Hicks: We’re very happy fielding a minor league team in Arlington now… reserve your price hiked season tickets today.
    Question from the media: Nolan, what exactly are your job duties
    Ryan: We haven’t figured out the details yet
    Question from the media: Who will be in charge of player/personnel decisions… Hicks, Ryan, or Jon Daniels?
    Hicks: We’re not going to give a final say to any particular person (*cough cough i’ll put blame on daniels 1st, ryan 2nd cough cough*)… thank you for coming.

  9. Yeah.. I’m starting to wonder if I cheered to soon.. I heard that and was floored! The Great SLASC aka Kelly hit it on the head this morning when he said Ryan is the token president.. and will LIKE it!

  10. it’s all about the snow monkies!

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