Shaq in Phoenix?


Latest news out of Miami is Shaq could be heading to Phoenix? WOW! Not real sure how I feel about this one.. Now in the last few years.. basically since Nash went to Phoenix, the Suns have made the Mavs their bitch basically, pretty much everytime they play! Now put Shaq in the paint.. Dirk will never drive the lane again! Is Shaq the missing piece the Suns need to make a serious run at a Championship? If Shaq can stay healthy.. ABSOLUTELY! Put Shaq under the bucket, and let the assist machine Steve Nash feed him the ball all night long.. If this trade can be made, I wonder if Shaq will gaurantee to bring a Championship to Phoenix, like he did the day he signed with the Heat..

*Edit* Pending passing a physical, This deal is done! Shaq will officially be a thorn in the Mavs side from now on!!


3 Responses

  1. Dirk will score plenty because Shaq will still be under the basket on the other end of the court, saving his energy. He can’t run with the Suns, so they have to decide…do we want him to score, or play defense. He can’t do both. Four or five trips down the floor at Steve Nash’s pace will have him on the bench for a quarter trying to suck up some oxygen!!Marion might not have been happy with the Suns, but they were a better team with him.

  2. The Suns are going to have to change their style of play with Shaq in the game.. there is no question about that.. Even a Shaq at 75% is better then most in the NBA!

  3. The Sixers beat the Suns 119-114 Saturday, Phoenix’s fourth loss in six games since Shaquille O’Neal joined the lineup.

    i always said shaq to suns bad trade lakers did the better trade now mavs with kid even better

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