The Days Of Clemens Life!

Roger Clemens

I have had a couple of different people email me to see if I had heard about the latest developments in the soap opera I am now calling “The Days of Clemens Life“. Lets face it.. that’s what this story is becoming..

Here is your cast of characters

Brian Mcnamee – The estranged cast aside scorn lover that has keepsakes from his relationship with Clemens *Needles, Gauzes, ect* and now is out for revenge! Or to save his ass.. one or the other..

Andy Pettitte – The best friend stuck in the middle of the cast aside lover, and Clemens

Roger Clemens – The Superstar athlete that used up his lover, and cast him aside when he was done.. Now trying to preserve his reputation as an upscale first ballot hall of famer..

Congress – The group that has been brought in to sort thru this love triangle…

Bud Selig – The dirty old man, who cared more about the profits of the league, then the corruption that was actually robbing fans of Americas Favorite Past Time..

Senator Mitchell – As always, every soap opera has to have a useless reappearing character to keep the plot going..

Rusty Hardin & Lany Breuer – With Robert Shapiro and Johnnie Cochran unavailable.. Rusty and Lany have been brought in to defend the superstar athlete.. Perhaps when this goes to trial the ghost of Jonnie Cochran will appear to make the famous quote.. *If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit*

Now that we have our cast of characters lets examine this.. What kind of sick person keeps needles that are 7 or 8 years old? Where was he keeping them.. his sock drawer? Something is very wrong about that whole situation. Now after 5 hours of questioning yesterday Clemens continues to claim is innocence, as we all expected. Now according to sources Mcnamee turned these keepsakes over to the feds last month, so my next question would be.. “why did they not ask Clemens about this yesterday”?

Clemens could now face the same legal problems Barry Bonds* does.. Lying under oath.. Perhaps Clemens should have taken a page from Bonds* book.. Now there is a superstar athlete that knows how to take care of his trainer.. Take him out to dinner, buy him flowers, put money on his books while in jail, pay him to keep his mouth shut.. Now sure Bonds* probably slapped his trainer around, during a roid rage episode.. but he still loved him in the morning! Clemens should have treated his lover alittle better.. 😉



7 Responses

  1. “Senator Mitchell – As always, every soap opera has to have a useless reappearing character to keep the plot going..”

    Heh. Pretty much sums it up.

  2. Although, come to think of it….congress should be in that category too. But that’s just me. 🙂

  3. While I do agree with you about congress.. but for this.. they are needed to sort thru all this crap! lol

  4. you are a sick and twisted individual… it’s like the baseball version of Q.A.F… sheesh.. lol

    *Shakes Head*

  5. Add Mrs. Clemens to the show now!!

  6. Yeah I heard about that just alittle while ago.. Damn shame!

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