Scary Moment In Buffalo


We had a scary moment in the Hockey world last night.. and with the Hockey Guru missing in action AGAIN *shakes head* I’ll fill you in on what happened. The Panthers were in town to play the Buffalo Sabers and midway thru the 3rd period.. Richard Zednick was hit in the throat by fellow teammate Olli Jokenin’s skate blade.. nicking his carotid artery. Zednick had enough presence of mind to realize what had happened, and skated over to this bench, applying pressure to the wound..

He was rushed to a near by Buffalo hospital.. where he underwent surgery to repair the artery. As of last night, he was resting comfortably.. If anything new develops I’ll update this post.. I caught the replay of this on Sportscenter last night.. very scary stuff.. This is the complete article.. If you have a weak stomach.. do not watch the highlight that ESPN has up, and only read about half of the article.. because they were nice enough to provide a picture of the trail of blood left on the ice.. *shakes head*


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